Be mine forever and always +15

Jacey Marie Coleson is a straight A student. Who one day went to New York and got a surprise when she saw Austin... Austin Mahone


3. Chapter 3

So after the consert Austin took me to a Starbucks and ordered for me with was very kind of him. He then ordered us some sandwiches. I got turkey chedder and her ordered the itallian supream. We were both eating and smiling. 'Hey you wanna bite if my sandwich.' I looked at the sandwich and said 'sure you wanna have a bite if mine.' We looked at eachother and switched. His sandwich was OmG delish . A bit of the greesse from Austin's sandwich dripped off my mouth and he looked at me. He got a paper napkin and dabbed it on the corner of my mouth. I smiled at him. A random girl walks in 'Ahh Austin Mahone. Of course he was a gentleman and took a picture. Austin leaned in and whispered 'lets go before its get crowded with fans.' He got my hand and then put his arm around me. We both got into his car. We headed back to the hotel. 'Well do you wanna come inside maybe hand out.' He said to me . I got in and we talked about my school. 'Well do you wanna play Just Dance 4.' I knodded and he connected his game system. We played all night long . Untill the song Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley got on. We played that song and at the end i tripped and fell right in top of him. We both laughed. Then i saw his beautiful brown eyes. He moved my hair to the side. And then we had a passionate kiss. After the kiss he smiled, looked at my lips and bit his lower lip. Then all of the sudden aex came in. 'WOAH!' I git of him and sat on the floor.Austin combed his hair back.'Dude im sorry i didn't reali-' Austin interupted 'No No man its cool' i stood up 'Ya i was just leaving.' Austin wanted to tell me something but i didn't hear it. I just got my jacket and left. Not looking back at Austin. That nite we texted eachother. *************The text messages ****** austin start: hey babe, hi babe , I'm sorry for what happened, no problem Austin, listen i want to talk serious, what baby, can you spend the night at my Suite,um what , i know we have only dated for less than a week but i think i love you, babe i love you too love at first sight,see you tommorow love ya
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