Be mine forever and always +15

Jacey Marie Coleson is a straight A student. Who one day went to New York and got a surprise when she saw Austin... Austin Mahone


2. Chapter 2

While i was making my way to the lounge room , i heard the door knob jiggle. So grabbed a pan and went by the door. I mean who could be here at 9:00Pm. So the door opened i waited behind the door . Then BAM! I hit some one. Then a voice spoke. ' dude why'd you do that for' i peaked over my door. I saw Austin laying on the floor and Alex kneeled down beside him. I put my hand over my mouth and nose. ' OH MY GOD i hit Austin Mahone!' Then Alex looked at me ' C'mon help me put him on the couch.' We both then carried him onto the couch. I then got him ice a pillow and blanket . I was gently dabbing ice on his forehead. Then his deep voice spoke. 'Alex what happened' he said. Then he looked at me. 'W-who are you? ' i then replied 'My name is Jacey and I'm staying in this suite.' Then he looked at me weired. 'No I am ' he wanting to stand up but then let out amoan.' No lay down you need the rest.' I said. Alex then said 'We are staying in suite 408b. This is the suite right? ' I looked at him. 'Umm this is suite 409b, your room is next door.' 'Oh im sorry we were probably excited about finally getting a rest.' Then i saw Austin sat up. 'I-I'm sorry i was T-to tired to realize that i went to the wrong room... so... why are you here in new york?' I then took the next hour talking to him and alex. 'Oh shit its 10:36 we should probably go to our hotel room.' Said Austin so i reached to shake his hand but he grabbed me and hugged me . After about 3 seconds of hugging we both pulled away. 'Well that was awkward' said Alex. 'Well thanks for caring for Austin umm see you later.' As they were opening there suite next door Austin looked back and smiled i smiled back and closed my door. I felt like he wanted to tell me something. *********Austin's POV**************** After that awkward hug with Jacey i really wanted to tell her some thing. See when i hugged her i felt a shock. Not like you get stuck by lightning shock but like a love shock. I couldn't get her off my mind. So the next time i saw her i stopped her . 'Hey Jacey umm do you want to maybe go out sometime.' She then looked at me. 'Sure maybe...tonight after your concert.' I had a moment of joy. 'Yeah tonight wa-wa-wait my consert why?' She then had a smile on het face. 'I'm going to your consert tonight i bought a ticket .' I was so happy that she was going. I even told her that she can go backstage.
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