Be mine forever and always +15

Jacey Marie Coleson is a straight A student. Who one day went to New York and got a surprise when she saw Austin... Austin Mahone


1. Chapter 1

I was in my last class of the day. Just counting down the seconds untill its summer. 5...4...3...2... and when we hit one we yelled. 'Have a great summer see you next year.' Our teacher,Mrs.Meza,said. ' Exept for you Ms.Coleson we need to talk .' By then i was the only one left in the class. I grabbed my bright yellow and threw it over my shoulder. 'Yes Mrs.Meza whats wrong.' I asked. She reached to get a orange envelope and place it on my desk. I looked at her weird while opening the envolope. Then when i was reading it my eyes widened. ' I GOT ACCEPTED!!' I yelled. 'I'm GOING TO NEW YORK' . See i applied for this college in new york. I know I'm only 16 but i have never gotten a grade below A . In the letter it said : we would like to invite you to our school and spend the summer here. We will pay for a high class hotel and fly you out here first class.' So i looked at my teacher she had this smile on her face. Then she handed me the airline ticket and at that moment i said goodbye to my teacher and ran home. When i got home i told my parents they were so happy. They helped me pack. The day after i went to the airport. 'Well bye mom dad see you in 3 months.' I felt a tear down my face . We both hugged eachother as hard as possible. Both my parents are waving goodbye as i go up the escalator. *Skip plane ride* when i got to NYC i got excited. There was a sign that said 'Ms. Jocey Marie Coleson ' and i walked over wen the guy realized it was me her took my luggage and opened a door to the car. I got in and we drove to the hotel. *Skip hotel registration* When i went to my room i was in awe. A king size bed, a massive bathroom, and fancy lotions and soaps in the bath room. Ther was also a balcony. After checkin the place out i plopped on the bed and took a 10 minute nap.
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