One Direction Imagines and Preferences

I do take request,so please no hate about the imagines :)


8. Imagine for Poppy

Hey Poppy! Im sorry I made you wait this long. School had been very busy but anyways here you go! xDD


You and Harry have been best friends since you were 10. You were each other's shoulder to cry on. You were always their on their every concert supporting them. Many fans were jealous on how close you two are but you did nothing, because the media will just go crazy. But until one day had to change everything. It was your birthday and Harry wasn't there in sight. He promised to be their but he was nowhere to be found. Until a bright light came into your brown eyes and there he was standing wearing a suit that matches with yours. He smiled at you. And gave you a boquet of flowers. He then got the mic and said something. 

"First of all Happy Birthday,my princess, its been years of having you here by my side and I'll always thank you for that. But I really need to confess something.Did you know that it breaks my heart when I see with somebody else? I get jealous because Im afraid there's someone that could treat you any better than me. Yes, I liked you ever since, I was just afraid to tell it to you because im scared you would reject me. I love you my princess i hope you feel the same way too," he told walking away


"I love you," You finally told.

He turned around and smile idiotly you two run to each other and hug him and plus he lift you up twirling you around,you giggled and he puts you down. 


"So does that mean your mine?" he asked "Of course," you told 

And you two shared a passionate kiss while sparks flew everywhere :)


Hope you liked it! :D



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