One Direction Imagines and Preferences

I do take request,so please no hate about the imagines :)


2. Imagine for Olga

Olga's POV


I walked out of my car,tired from my stupid work,this should be my day off but then things got through,which meant I had to work this whole day. I opened my door and settled my purse at the couch. I went to the kitchen and open up the fridge searching for a water jar. My eyes whaling around. Grabbing the jar and putting some on my glass.  Until a pair of strong arms,wrapped around my waist,giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Hey Mrs. Horan hows work?" the familiar Irish accent that i love,told. "exhausting," i simply mumbled as i gulp the remaining water from the glass. I walk to my kitchen cabinet,i stood on my tippy toes (yes im small) while my hand is wandering for a cookie carton. Until his hand slide into mine. "I have an idea babe that can make you feel amazing'" he whispered seductively sending shivers down my spine."Wha-" he cut me off by crashing his lips into mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck,deepening the kiss. The kiss got heated as he kiss my neck. "Maybe we can have this upstairs" i told. He nodded "jump" he told. I jumped wrapping my legs around his waist,smashing my lips into him. We reached the bedroom as he throw me on the bed. Attacking my neck.


He suck my neck,i moaned which meant he found my sweet spot. he smiled into my skin as he removed my top,me doing the same to his. He went back to my lips and pecked it. He unclasped my bra and began massaging my breast he started sucking and nibbling it,i moaned. He started leaving kisses down my neck between my breasts and at my stomach until he reached at the hem of my skirt he began pulling it down. "Are you sure youre ready for this babe, i know we just got married,and i dont know if youre ready having a child." he told I giggled " of course im ready because im officialy,fully yours," i smirked. He looked down at my body pulling my panties down,doing the same with his pants and boxers. "Youre so hot babe," he whispered i giggled. He started rubbing and licking my clit,i whimped in pleasure and a hint of pain. As he started positioning his self at my entrance. he gave me a are-you-ready- look and all i did is nod. "Now babe tell me if it hurts and ill stop okay?" he sweetly said . He began thrusting slowly,im not gonna lie it really does hurt,but i dont wanna ruin this moment,i bit my lip controlling my groans. He thrusted faster and a tear made its way down my cheek,he kissed it and said "babe,soon that pain will turn into a massive pleasure" as he thrust the pain slowly faded and replaced by pleasure,I began moaning his name out same to him. He thrusted faster and faster and felt a pit from my stomach."Niall Im close.." i told "Me too princess" he told soon i felt his cum into mine and mine to him. He smiled and pecked my nose "Its amazing babe" i told "Yeah i know princess" he told as the two of us cuddled under the covers. "I love you," i told "I love you the most My Princess." he told


No one's POV

Few months later Olga bore TWINS :D named Isabelle Jane Horan and Aeden James Horan. Niall couldnt ask for more the girl he dreamed of was finally his forever and his family that he loved so much... AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER :))


                                                         THE END


Hey Olga i hope you liked it! :))

Love lots!~Nicole Xxx

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