One Direction Imagines and Preferences

I do take request,so please no hate about the imagines :)


5. Author's Note

Hey Guys!


I know, i know i havent updated in a week and I felt so sorry! But this Sunday I'll try my best too. Gosh! highschool days are always so complicated i have like 5 projects to make and I havent started any of of them,but i guess i need a co-author for this!

Want to be a co-author?

then do the following rules:

-Follow me on Twitter @Nicoleaz12

-Follow me on Instagram @Missnichole ? Not sure of my username xDD

-Send me your pictures on Instagram and a little information about yourself and your paragraph that says "Im willing to be your co-author because" with the hashtag #DeservingCoAuthor. And I'll one only so you'll be too lucky if I'll pick you! :))


Easy right? Join now!

Wiee! love you guys!

~Nicole Xxxx

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