This is just a poem that I thought of around 12 at night. This is my first movella and I hope you like it!


1. Acceptance

Grasping at grains of sand, as the thick sludge of your thoughts seem to pull you under. Gasping for air, as your hands scrape against the sides of the walls that seem to close you in. Your chest tightens and your thoughts move so quickly. You try to grab at them but they slip through your fingers like water. You tilt your head back and scream until your throat begins to ache and your echo overwhelms every fibre in your body. Knowing that you’re alone on this, that no one could ever understand you. The tears come slow at first then quicker after every minute that passes by. You sink your nails into your skin wanting to feel something, anything. Frustration, worry, sadness, depression, anxiety. Completely pulled under, confined by your mind. Oh anxiety, you beautiful bitch. The feeling of absolute isolation, blissful despair and safety. 

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