changing (marcel)!!!

me and marcel have been best friends since day 1 but ever since marcel would get beat up name called by the popular kids !!!! and there girl friends would also make fun of marcel what happens when marcel cant take it any more and finally decides on changing his whole look will his bullies stop beating him up and hide from marcel known as harry styles now will I tell marcel the true way of how I feel about him


3. changing


  its been almost 7 weeks since I left the hospital things haven't changed I still get bullied it hurts. I was going out with litsel. she makes me happy her smile makes my day but. "hey marcel" litsel says with a big smile showing her dimples. "hi litsel" I say " so marcel I have something to tell you" yes litsel you can tell me everything " so you now how you still get bullied " litsel says. "yeeah" I say "well how come we don't change your look " what do you mean" I say " go take a shower" . umm okay soo I went to go take a shower just how she told me what does she mean about changing my look.




    I was sitting down looking at marcel when it came to how come we don't change his look.

so marcel was taking a shower. I was choosing some clothe for him. "ahhh"!! I yell. I opened the wrong closet my bad. I took out some skinny jeans he had and a black shirt. "im done" marcel yelled "here" I said handing him the clothe" .

                             5 min pass and marcel still dosent come out of the bathroom I started to get worried. I knocked on the door "marcel are you okay" I said "yeah im fine I need help doe" marcel said on what I said. he came out of the bathroom im guessing he couldn't put his pants up. I started laughing. marcel started to blush I could see he started blushing. after he got ready I was drying his hair. it smelled good. "marcel what shampoo do you wear" I say. "suave for men"marcel says "oh okay" I say after I finished drying his hair it was curly and puffy he looked perfect. I couldn't help it but smile. " damn I look hot " he said checking himself out in the mirror


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