Why me ?

Why must be her to be this jerk's girlfriend? Daniella didn't want to be his girlfriend, but she needed the money to get into a nice college. For the next 100 day, spending her time with this guy. What a nice time to waste her time. Over time things starts to change, their emotions and feelings. Does this mean Daniella will fall for him?


1. Meeting that piece of ...

That perfect ball of the year, and was the time when everyone is dressing up fancy and elegant for this type of ball. Girls wearing their glorious dresses, and Mens wearing their tux. Daniella walked in into a ball with bunch of puffy dresses. Daniella on the other hand, was wearing a maroon maxi dress with black pump heels. Her light brown hair was pushed to one side, and was curled. Walking toward to a crowd, where all her friends were at. Standing in front of her partner in crime, Stephany who was wearing a mini black dress with heels. "You guys look beautiful in those dresses." said Daniella.

A loud screech was heard on the microphone, everyone look over to the stage side. A tall male and a short female was standing there holding their mask. It was a masquerade ball. "Everyone, it's time to put on your mask." said the short female. Everyone put on their mask and went on with their business.

"That mask is cute!" said Stephany.

"Thanks! Yours is way better." said Pilar.

"Let's hea-" said Daniella, but someone interrupted her.

"May I ask you to dance?" said a strange man asking for her hand.

"Sure?" replied Daniella, putting her hand on top of his hand and went off.

The girls were giggling, hearing from where she was. Daniella was smiling to see someone wanting to dance with her. It was Daniella's first time being at a ball or a dance, it was quite unusal for Daniella since she wasn't really interested in dancing. Her dress was flowing, swaying side to side and front and back. Standing on her tippy toes, and going with anywhere where hes going. Feeling the breeze hit her skin as she moves around, it made her feel like Cinderella.

Once the music was done, they went to the other side where no one of her friends were at her sight. "Excuse me, my friends are on the other side of the dance floor." said Daniella. As she tried to walk over to the other side. The strange guy grabbed her hand, pulling her back to him. "Let me go!" Tugging as hard as she can, but it was no use. The guy takes off his mask and shows her that he was James Danielson. "YOUR JAMES!" Daniella was in shock to see him dance with her. She has third period with him, he would always tease her around. "Why would you dance with me?" questioned Daniella. "Because, I want you to know th-" replied James, but Daniella interrupted him from speaking any further more. "No, you tease me all the time, I don't need your opinion." said Daniella, walking away from James. 

Heading to the parking lot, and almost near her car. From behind her, hearing someone panting. "Wait!" yelled James, running toward Daniella. Hearing the voice, picking up her dress and run as fast as she could with her heels. Almost tripping, James got her.

"I have something to tell you." said James.

"Leave me alone!" yelled Daniella, pulling away from his grip.

"I heard you needed money for college!" yelled James, trying to over speak her.

"Yea so?" replied Daniella.

"I can get you the money." said James.

Listening to the fact that James could get her the money for college. Daniella stopped pulling away from James and looked at him with a death glare. "How much?" said Daniella, demanding the price. "About five thousand dollars." replied James. "What do you want." whispered Daniella. James leaned toward her right eye, watching it slowly turning a bright red. "I need a girlfriend and I choose you." Daniella pushed him away from her, and was about to slap him across the face. Daniella gave him a hateful stare, staring at him if he were to be a freak or something.

"Do you want it or not?" said James, leaning against a car.

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