Why me ?

Why must be her to be this jerk's girlfriend? Daniella didn't want to be his girlfriend, but she needed the money to get into a nice college. For the next 100 day, spending her time with this guy. What a nice time to waste her time. Over time things starts to change, their emotions and feelings. Does this mean Daniella will fall for him?


2. Deal or no deal.

Daniella continue to stared at James in a freak out way. Thinking that he is a weirdo. "Uhh." Daniella said, still thinking if she should make the deal or not. "Okay, when do we start?" Daniella said. James smirked at Daniella. "This monday, at starbuck 10am." replied James, walking off to toward his maroon car that was park near a light pole. James took off and startling Daniella with a loud screech that came from the car. Daniella fell down onto the ground, daydreaming at the fact that she accepted James deal. Stephany came out of the building, looking around trying to find Daniella. "Daniella?" yelled Stephany. Finding Daniella sitting there on the ground. "Hey, get up!" said Stephany, trying to pull Daniella up. "Oh sorry." replied Daniella, getting up on her own will.

"Why were you sitting on the ground?" questioned Stephany.

"Oh, I dont know." replied Daniella.

"Let's go back inside." said Stephany, walking toward the large building.

"Yea, okay." said Daniella, heading back into the building.


It was the next morning, hearing the loud obnoxious noise that happens to be set at 9:30am. Trying to get up and get ready to head to Starbuck, but was too lazy. Remembering at the fact that she had to meet up with James, she got up immediately. Grabbing whatever she could wear that was casual to her. Putting on her sneakers and heading off to her car. In reverse, to drive and there she goes. Driving to starbucks, blasting music in the car. Jamming to the top songs.

Parking her car in the parking lot, walking out of the car and locking it behind her. Walked over to the starbucks that is inside Target. Scanning the tables and cars and at the counter. Noticing a guy staring at her with his two brown eyes. Heading over to his direction, and planting her bottom onto the car.

"What do you want?" question Daniella.

"Nothing, just to get to know each other." replied James, sipping his cup of joe.

"Okay then, go ahead and question me." said Daniella, crossing her legs.

"Want some coffee? questioned James.

"Sure, green tea frapp with cream." replied Daniella, fake smiling at him.

Waiting for him to get her a cup of coffee, Daniella goes onto her phone and checks her instagram. Seeing whats up with her friends and family. Out of no where, feeling a heavy breathing down her shoulder. As she turn her head, she found James looking directly at her phone. Twitch for a second, watching James sit down.

"What the freak, why were you looking at my phone?" yelled Daniella.

"Chill, and why can't I? Aren't I your boyfriend?" said James, placing her coffee right in front of him.

"Sure you can say that, but not a hundred percent my boyfriend." explained Daniella.

"I am certainly am." said James, confirming that he is a hundred percent her boyfriend.

"No, and it's not right for you to go look at my phone. It's my phone, not yours." said Daniella, telling him straight forward.

Sipping her coffee in silent. James gets up and goes out of the store, leaving Daniella sitting there sipping her coffee. Noticing that he left her in the store, made her image look terrible. To fix her image, she gets up with her coffee and heads toward the door. Covering her face with her coffee, and speed walking toward James. Seeing James car park in front of the starbuck's window, Daniella goes into the car. Instead, the passenger sent was lock and was unable to open. The car's window came down, seeing only his face and his hands on the wheel.

"Open the door." said Daniella.

"Okay, but you can have to say. I am a hundred percent your boyfriend." explained James.

Daniella's expression was unexplainable, James was smiling that whole time. All that went through Daniella's mind what that she wanted to punch him in the face, but at the same time she needed to fix her image. Everyone in the store was staring at the two love birds get in the car together. 

"Are you gonna say it or what." questioned James.

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