Identity thief

There is a girl named Skylar Milles but that not her real name her real name is Claire Horan and yes she is related to the Niall Horan this is her story about her life in disguise and how she reveals herself to the world. And how they will react will her friends leave her after so many years not know the real Claire or will they stick by her side and will her enemy's try to be her friends. Read to find out


5. The performance

Niall's POV

Ok guys almost time to go on! Group huddle, One Direction on three one two three One Direction!!! Guys get into position, boys and girls welcome One Direction!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Maybe it's the way she walked start into my heart and stole it through the doors and past the guards just like she already owned it. I said can you give it back to me she said never in your wildest dreams, and we danced all night to the best song ever we knew every line now I can't remember how it goes but I know that I won't forget her cuz we danced all night to the best song ever!!!!!

(after the song)

The boys POV

Its Question Time!!!!! Unfortually we can only answer a few question. Ok first question you in the green there, Zayn who is the messiest? I think we are pretty even we are all really messy so I think it's even. Next you in the gray, Harry would you wax your legs for charity? Defiantly I would do almost anything for charity! Ok you in the red, Louis if you had to choose which band member to date one of your sisters who would it be? None of them but since I have to choose it would be Niall. Last one you in the black, Niall I heard a rumor that you had a little sister but she was adopted is that true? Yes that rumor is true a used to have a little sister but sadly she was put up for adoption. And in cases your wondering her name was Claire Horan. Sorry everybody but that's all for today hope everybody has a great day


Skylars POV

The moment Niall said Claire Horan my breath caught In my throat I was the little sister of THE Niall Horan I had been a Fan for a while now I knew all there last names I guess I never thought of it like this before. It still hasn't sunk in yet but before I could think any further my thought we interrupted by Claire saying Do you guys think I could be the little sister of THE Niall  Horan

Horan!!! But Claire you weren't adopted. Ya Tessa's right Claire and besides then they would have changed your name, and besides Claire you have a British accent and Niall's from Ireland. Ya you guys are right what was I thinking that's right I Wasn't thinking!! Hahahahaha!! Umm excuse me but do you know where the cafeteria is? That voice I knew right away that was the one and only Niall Horan we all turned around and I knew Tessa was to starstuck  to think Claire on the other hand looked like a zombie and Lia looked like she was just in a dream. So I spoke up. It's just down the hall make a left and it's the fourth door on your right. Thx........ Umm it's Skylar but just another thing I would go to the cafeteria if I were you it meatloaf surprise Monday and nobody knows what the school put in those meatloaf but I tried it last week bad idea I was suck for like four day after. So if I were you I would just not go there. Ok thanks for the advice Skylar!! I know I just met you and all but you remind me of my little sister in a good way, would you mind if I got your number? Ya sure it's 604-345-2267, we'll it was awesome talking to you thanks again about the cafeteria food!! No problemo byeeee!!

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