Identity thief

There is a girl named Skylar Milles but that not her real name her real name is Claire Horan and yes she is related to the Niall Horan this is her story about her life in disguise and how she reveals herself to the world. And how they will react will her friends leave her after so many years not know the real Claire or will they stick by her side and will her enemy's try to be her friends. Read to find out


26. Skylar

Niall's POV
We quickly rushed Sky to the hospital, I was freaking out!! As soon as we got there we quickly carried her in. "Help somebody my sister needs a doctor!!" "Niall go up to the front desk and ask for a doctor" "excuse me but my sister really needs a doctor" "ok I'll call a doctor for you can you just sit over there" she said pointing over to the waiting area. "Um ya sure" "guys follow me we need to wait in the waiting area she said the doctor should be here shortly" Liam was holding her head ya I know sounds really bad but if he hadn't she would have snapped her neck and Harry and Louis were holding her body while the girls were too upset to do anything. "Ummm guysss" "ya Liam" "guys look at my hands" there on Liam's hands was blood" "holy chicken nuggets!!! Her head is bleeding, quickly guys get something" "Niall look here comes the doctor with the stretcher" " hello gentlemen I will have to ask you to put her gently on the stretcher because it looks like she will have to go into emergency" "lads put her on the stretcher like the doctor said" "I will talk to you lads later hopefully things will be much better by then." "Thank you doctor" after the doctor left I went into a corner and just put my head in my hands and just cried, until I heard a voice. "Why are you crying your eyes out" "excuse me..... Tessa???" "Yep that's me" "I thought you were in uni" "I am but I got a vacation" "I heard about your sister I'm sorry, but let's face reality you the lads and the girls really wouldn't care if Sky died, sure you guys would cry for a couple days maybe a week but then you would get over it. If you truly loved her you wouldn't have let your parents take her away." "LISTEN TESSA DONT YOU DARE SAY THAT I DONT LOVE SKY!! & THE LADS AND THE GIRL LOVE HER JUST AS MUCH AS I LOVE HER! AND I COULDNT STOP MY PARENTS I TRIED I WAS A LITTLE KID! Now get your butt out of here I never want to see you again!!" And just like that I collapsed onto my chair and sobbed. "Tessa get away from my boyfriend! Don't you dare say those things you have no right to come marching into a hospital and say that we don't love Sky and we wouldn't care if she died. Sky is like my sister from another motha, so don't you dare say those things just get out." "Fine if you want me to but this isn't the last of me that you will see" " Niall it's alright she's gone now, you and I and the lads know that deep down in all our heart we love Sky don't you dare listen to Tessa and her garbage! She's just jealous of the relationship we all have with Sky." "Thanks Princess but I think for now I just need to be alone" "ok Niall we are just over here if you need us" 
Lilith's POV
"how is he Leggy?" "He not doing so well Liam, this all happening to Sky had really broken him. I've know him long enough to know no matter how broken inside he is he will never admit it to anybody" " Leggy I feel horrible for taking Sky to the dance studio it's all my fault if only I hadn't mentioned  it to her!" "Lilith it's not your fault thing like this can happen to anybody" "but why did it have to happen to poor sweet innocent Sky, why couldn't it have been me?!?" "Lilith shhhh it's ok don't say those things"  "excuse me are you guys here for Miss. Skylar?" "Yes we are" " do we have any family here?" "Ya we do but he's over in the corner really broken so I don't think that's a good idea" "does she have a close friend" "ya Liam do you want to go?" "No please don't make me go in there" "Lilith why don't you go" "fine Louis only for Sky though" "ok if you don't mind following me into my office just down here, please take a seat. So as you know your friend was rushed into emergency this afternoon" "yes yes I do" "we have good news and bad news which one would you like to here first" "the good news please" "so we were able to fix her cuts and such with some stitches, but her head unfortunately we couldn't stop bleeding so she had lost slit of blood but we have given her a shot that makes her blood thicker so it slows down how much blood she looses. Another thing good thing is we estimate that the bleeding will stop very soon and her body will be able to reproduce more blood, but the main problem is that she is running very low on a nutrients that you can only get from eating food so we suspect she has either been not eating properly or she has a eating problem and that's why she past out so easily." "Is she awake right now" "yes she is would you like to see her" "yes please" "oh and Miss. Lilith just one more thing, from her lack of food she is slipping in and out of conscience so don't be alarmed if she passes out all of a sudden" "after your don't your other friends may come and see her only once at a time though" "thank you so much doctor" "have a nice day" as I opened Sky "bedroom" door what a saw was not my Sky, but another one she was very pale indeed and she was wrapped from head to toe in a special type of cloth it seemed. "Lilith is that you" "yes it's me Sky" "how are you feeling" "I feel horrible every bone in my body hurts and my head is pounding like crazy" while I was sitting there I looked at her real closely I noticed what the doctor had said she was very skinny indeed why had I not noticed this before and when u held her hand they were icy cold. "Sky when can I leave this horrible place" "I don't know Sky hopefully very soon" "are the lads and Serina and Leggy here too?" "Ya they're just in the lobby would you like me to send them in one at a time" "yes plea...s...e" I will be right back I whispers to her as I assumed she had lost her conscience. As soon as I got out of her room I just started crying tears just pouring down my face. What the monster done with my best friend because in the room lying on that bed was not my best friend.

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