Identity thief

There is a girl named Skylar Milles but that not her real name her real name is Claire Horan and yes she is related to the Niall Horan this is her story about her life in disguise and how she reveals herself to the world. And how they will react will her friends leave her after so many years not know the real Claire or will they stick by her side and will her enemy's try to be her friends. Read to find out


16. Secrets

Skylar's POV:

"Niall you will have to promise me that nobody else will no about our little secret not a living soul, and make sure that your mom doesn't tell anybody. Just not yet anyways maybe later on but right now is not the time". "Ya I totally understand and don't worry about Mum I'll make sure she doesn't tell a living soul either". Thx Niall your the best big brother that I could ask for". "That's what big brothers are for". "One more thing would you mind driving me to my house right now I totally forgot I planned a shopping trip with Lilith,Serina and Lia and I'm supposed to meet them at my house at 4:00pm and it's already 4:30pm". "Umm ya sure that should be alright. Mum I'm just driving Skylar home she made some plans but forgot about them but I'll come back after I drop her off". "That's alright Niall I'll see you after and Claire promise you will visit us as much as you can". "Of course Mum I was amazing seeing you and can't wait till next time, byeee". "Bye Niall bye sweetheart". "Are you ready to go Sky"? "Yep let's go, when we got into the car we blasted the music wayyyy up and rolled down all the window and just in time a Katy Perry song came on and I'm a HUGE Katy Perry fans so as soon as it came ONI was singing/screaming at the top of my lungs, stinging like a bee I earned my stripes I went from zero to my own hero by that time me and Niall were singing at the tops of our lungs and let me just tell you that bit sings like there is a angel living inside of him. When we pulled up to my house I could already see three very angry looking people sitting at my doorstep, oh noo". "Good luck with them and sorry I couldn't get you here sooner." Hahah thanks I'll need it and it's fine at least you tried I shouldn't have forgotten." "Bye Niall thanks for the drive home". "No problemo Sky see you later". After I stepped out of that car I felt like I was walking to my death." "Heyy guys sorry I was late I was just at Niall's house and I lost track of time". "Ooooooo does Sky have a thing for Mr.Niall Horan?" "Ewwww noo way Serina". "When did liking Niall Horan become gross I would date him any day." "Haha I don't know it just did, anyways are you guys ready for a shopping marathon?!??" "Heck yes I was born to shop Lia screamed yes we all know that". "But let me just grab my cellphone from inside and then we can go."

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