Identity thief

There is a girl named Skylar Milles but that not her real name her real name is Claire Horan and yes she is related to the Niall Horan this is her story about her life in disguise and how she reveals herself to the world. And how they will react will her friends leave her after so many years not know the real Claire or will they stick by her side and will her enemy's try to be her friends. Read to find out


27. Nando's

Lilith's POV
"Guys who want to see her next sorry if Niall you wanted to see her first but she wants to see all of you guys one at a time" "Lilith come here it's going to be alright it will get better I promise you" "Harry, Skylar looks horrible and she is so pale and even worse she may have developed a eating disorder" "shhhhhhh Lilith it's alright just let it all out" "guys which one of you guys want to go first? Niall how about you go." "I would love to thanks man" "it's nothing just go see your sister" 
Niall's POV
Niall bro chill out your just going to see your sis. But something in my guts tells me that this is not going to be like the other times I have visited my sister in the hospital, and let me tell you I've been here hundreds of time but that doesn't make me feel any better. Just breath Niall be a man. As I opened the door laying on the bed was me sister but not like I have seen her before. "Hey Skylar" I got no answer. "Excuse me Mr.Horan but I don't know if your friend has told you this but she has been slipping in and out of conscience for the past hour or so, but she can still hear you I just thought i"d let you know" And with that the nurse had left as quickly as she came in. "Hey Skylar it's me Niall, I hope you are feeling better very very soon. And I heard that you may have developed a eating disorder. Let me just tell you, you are flawless perfect before you started all of this you didn't have a single fat part on your body. I really miss you and I can't wait to see those beautiful blue eyes and that smile and that laugh we all love. I love you Sky so much. When all of a sudden I felt wet salty tears running down my face I hadn't noticed I had been crying until now. "I will send in the rest of the lads one by one" and with that I kissed her for head and left. "Liam I think your up next" my voice more horse them I thought it was. After each if the lads had gone and come back with more bloodshot eyes than they had left we decided to leave. "Niall you have to go home the doctors will call you if something is wrong or if she has waken up" "Louis I just can't leave her, I need to stay" "Niall we all don't want to go but we need to, come on lad let's get you home,that's what Skylar would have wanted?" "Fine, I'm only going one because I think that's want Sky would have wanted and two because I'm too tired to argue with you" "let's go mate"
(At home)
"Guys I'm going to be in my room napping. Wake me up if the hospital calls" "sure Niall you get a  good sleep" "sure Zayn" "lights out everybody" *ring ring ring ring* "The phone is ringing Liam go pick it up" "hello" "hello this is the hospital" "is she awake" "she is not in her coma but she is in a pretty deep sleep but unfortunately, she keeps calling your Friends name Niall?" "Oh fudge nuggets she's having one of her nightmares can't you guys wake her up" "yes we have tried that but she won't wake up maybe it's best if you would just come down to the hospital" "yes I'll be there in three minutes" "have a good day sir" "thank you bye" "Liam what was that about?" "I need to come to the hospital" and with that I ran out the door and into Niall's range rover. I knew that the fans might see me but I needed to go. I quickly parked the car and ran inside. "What room is Miss. Horan in please" "306 sir just down the hall" "301..302..303..304.........306!" I opened the door, and there were a bunch of people. Excuse me..pardon me..coming through." "Liam it's good to see you I will get all these people out of here" "Niall....Niall please don't leave me..NIALL!!" "Sky Skylar wake up it's just a dream please wake up" when I touched her to try and wake her up she was drenched with sweat. "Niall I'm sorry please,I can't live without you..! Niall?!?.?!?" I hated seeing her in the state she is in tear stained cheeks,thrashing around in her bed, and tears rushing down her face. "Skylar Horan listen to me it's just a dream wake up it's not real" I don't know why I thought that would wake her up but some how it did. She sat up panting tears still streaming down her face and she clung to me like a koala. (Crying) Liam, they took him away from me and they didn't let me say goodbye." "It's alright Sky it was just a dream" "where's Niall?" ( hiccup) "he's at home I'll call him though" as I was getting up to go call him to grabbed my sleeve. "Liam please don't leave. Please stay with me." "Of course I will. Maybe you should lie down for now" "ok, you can grab that chair over there and pull it over here" "hello, Harry?? Hey I'm just at the hospital with Sky she's awake now so you guys should come over" "ok mate we will see you in a few" "sounds good bye" "bye" "what did they say?" "They will be right over"   "look Liam I'm really sorry for causing all this drama and crazyness" "it's not your fault we all really love you Sky just remember that. And is it true that you have been starving yourself? And be honest" " well not really starving myself just not eating as much as I'm supposed to eat watching what I eat and just trying to be more healthy" "but why? Your literally flawless everybody is jealous of you" "the hate really started getting to me I guess" "don't read the garbage they are just jealous of you cuz your really close to us. If they are real fans they will respect them, please Sky don't starve yourself that not the answer." "I'll try to eat for you guys" "thanks Sky" and then I gave her a big hug. "The lads should be here soon, did you want anything" "no thanks I'm fine" "SKYLAR!!!" "Hey guys" "this calls for a group hug!!" "Sky you have no idea how worried we were about you" "it's ok Louis I'm fine now. Now where is that cheeky signature Louis Tomlinson smile? There it is!! Don't you dare ever loose that smile"           " hey girls! I've missed you guys so much" "us too it just wasn't the same without you at home" "we need that crazy Skylar at home or it just feel right" "well as soon as I get out of here she will be back crazier than ever!" "How have you been Mr. Harry Styles haha" "awesome now that you are awake" " have you been able to beat my record for just dance 2014" "no it's horrible let's just face it I can't dance" "hey Zayn" "have you finished that drawing of all of us yet" "ya I actually have I just need to put it into a frame and hang it up. We were thinking it could go in your room above your bed" "but then nobody will be able to see it" "that's ok it can be all yours" "thank you so much Zaynie poo" "don't call me that or I might have to take back the drawing Haha" "where's Niall" "he's waiting outside he wanted to see you in private" "ok well then I guess you lads and ladies will just have to go back out" "but were coming back in the minute you guys are finished "visiting" ok Louis see you in like 15 minutes" "Niall mate she's all yours" "thanks again Liam for everything" "don't worry about it" "how are you doing" "could be better, but I'm good" "how about you? It looks like you have been crying Niall." "Ya maybe just a little bit. And I'm ok. It's awesome to have you back Sky! You got all of us a little scared there" "I'm really sorry for all the trouble I've caused" "Skylar your my sister/ best friend and the other lads think of you as their sister and the girls too. It's not trouble" "I love you guys so much. You guys have no idea" "well you also have no idea how much we love you too Sky. I'm going to call all of them back in here" "ok" "lads you guys can come back in" "finally what took you guys so long?!? I'm just joking Niall" "don't worry Harry I wouldn't be offended" "so lads what would you like to do?" "Whatever you want to do" "Zayn come on what do you really want to do?" "It really doesn't matter" "are you guys hungry it's about lunch time? And Niall don't answer that question lol" "ya we are" " Niall can you go pick up so Nando's for us" "of course why don't we leave you girls here and me and the lads will go" "sounds good! What do you girls want?" "Could we get three Peri peri chickens with fries?" "Coming right up. And you Sky?" "Could just have a medium fries please I'm not in the mood for chicken and I'm not that hungry" "Sky are you sure your not just saying that so you don't have to eat?" "I'm 100% sure Louis" "maybe I should get you a small wrap just in case" "if you want Niall but I don't know if I will eat it all" "I'll eat it if you don't end up eating it. See you girls in a  hour or so depending on traffic and everything." "Bye guys see you" "bye" 

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