Identity thief

There is a girl named Skylar Milles but that not her real name her real name is Claire Horan and yes she is related to the Niall Horan this is her story about her life in disguise and how she reveals herself to the world. And how they will react will her friends leave her after so many years not know the real Claire or will they stick by her side and will her enemy's try to be her friends. Read to find out


10. Heartbroken

Everybody's POV

"After she left I was heartbroken even though I was just ten years old that was my first heart break usually most people have there first heartbreak when they breakup with there first bf/gf but my was over the loses of my sister. After when my parents came home I told myself that I would never forgive them ever, and that exactly what u did I may have talked to them but I was never happy doing so, it was horrible growing up as a 'only' child. But when I was around 14 or 15 I can't remember that's when I tried looking for her so hard! I wanted her back sooo badly I would do anything to get to see her for just five minutes that's how desperate I was to see her, anyways after months of asking people looking going into adoption centers I still had no clue where she was. But slowly I lost all hope but the one thing I was holding onto was music all through this music held me together and somewhat normal, but at the age of 16 I tried out for the X factor I remember giving myself a pep talk before I went on  I said " I'm doing this for Claire" " and that's what I did I went out there and sung my heart out for her. And now I'm here with you guys and I still haven't see my little sister, which makes me feel very sad that I didn't lrotect her and that I can't protect her or comfort her, but there is one thing I know she's in 'disguise' sorta she changed the color of her hair her name schools life style." " Niall that was an amazing story I'm really sorry about your little sister Thx Tessa "no problem " "ok guys what time is it? my parents are probably worried where we are. Relax we will drive you guys home right now it's only 9:00pm thx you guys! We should do this another time or something ya totally!"

(Skip car ride home)

Skylar's POV

"when Niall was telling his story I never relished we were that close, should I tell him my secret the boys too and Tessa and Lia what would they think of all this there best friend for the whole

time they knew her had been in a 'disguise'. But I decided that right now was not the right time

and I didn't want to tell them now anyways." "But I decided  I would tell them very soon".  "After many movie nights and hanging out I deceided that now was the time to at least tell Niall, I feel so bad keeping this secret from him it's not really far to him but then again life is not far". "I just have to wait for the perfect moment to tell him alone, I think I better go find him". "Heyy Harry! Hey Skylar ! Umm by any chances have you seen Niall ? Ya he's out in the back but why? Ohh I was just wondering." Ok Skylar it's now or never make or break, hi  Niall what's the matter? Why are you crying? Oh hey Skylar I'm not crying  yes you are Niall I can see it you can tell me what's wrong. I was just thinking about my little sister  and  how I was never there to protect her and comfort her I wasn't there I wasn't a good brother!!! Niall it's alright I'm sure she understood, *crying* but Skylar I will never be able to say I'm sorry I wasn't there for you because I have Nicky's where she is !! Niall  yes you do, how?!?! Because she's standing right here. Skylar right now is not time for joking I'm not joking  I'm Claire I'm your lost little sister......


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