Identity thief

There is a girl named Skylar Milles but that not her real name her real name is Claire Horan and yes she is related to the Niall Horan this is her story about her life in disguise and how she reveals herself to the world. And how they will react will her friends leave her after so many years not know the real Claire or will they stick by her side and will her enemy's try to be her friends. Read to find out


22. Drama

Lilith's POV
Things have been really really weird around her Sky and Niall are acting weird around us, but I guess I can't except anything different from them after all it's Niall and Sky. But Louis and Serina is a whole other story, like I feel that Serina is not telling me something and we rarely keep secrets from each other. For example this afternoon I still I saw Serina and Louis sharing a drink and the other day I saw them holding hands but the minute they saw me they pretended that it never happened but I guess I'm just paranoid. I've always kept me personal life personal, so it was a big shock for me when paparazzi followed me and the boys everywhere and u guess I'm getting used to the hate for hanging out with the boys but you can't really get used to getting hate. But Harry has helped me a lot by telling me to ignore what the "fans" are tweeting me and I'm not that great with flashing lights blinding me when I'm trying to walk but thankfully yesterday. Harry came with me and bought me my very own Raybans even though I insisted buying them but that boy is so stubborn. But the more important thing is for the past couple of weeks, not days but weeks!!! Skylar and Niall have been acting really really weird lately like I guess more than just friends I would say they act like brother and sister but that's a stupid idea they don't even look alike.

Skylar's POV
"Hey Niall can u speak to you in private for a sec?" "Ya sure Sky whatcha want?" "Umm I think we should tell the others about me being your sister cuz they're getting suspicious." "Ya your right. You go get all the girls and I'll go get the lads." "Guyssss come down stairs please me and Niall have something to tell you guys!!" "Ok we're coming." "Everybody in the living room." "Yes Mrs.Skylar!" "So what do you guys have to tell us about?" "Oooh I know what they wanna talk to us about?" "What is it Louis??" Zayn says "they want to say they are Bf and Gf right Sky?" "No Louis it's more serious." "Me and Niall need everybody to listen cuz I'm only saying this once, soo it's a long story but long story short I'm Niall's Sis." "Hahaha guys very funny." "Liam, Sky and me aren't joking were are dead serious about this." All the lads where silent and the girls all had poker faces, guys aren't you gonna say anything" I said "it's just were are really shocked, at first alllll of us thought that you and Sky were dating but now that just seems disgusting" "ya Zayn is totally right we are just letting the information sink in even Tommo the Tomlinson is quiet and that's just saying something" Finally and what seemed like years thank Thank the Lord Lilith spoke up. "Heyy guys let's play truth or dare and then we can invite Leggy over for a movie night/ sleepover!!" "Ya that's a great idea Lilith I'll go call her right now!" 
(Phone call)
A: Hello 
S: Hey Allegra it's Sky I was just wondering if u wanted to come over for a sleepover and a movie tonight?
A: Umm ya I guess so 
S: Allegra what's wrong your always excited to come over?
A: It's nothing really just something really stupid about somebody I like
S: Come on Leggy nothing's stupid to me when my best friend is down in the dumps because of it
A: It's about Niall you see I really really like him, like I like like him and today at the mall I saw a magazine with him and another like holding hands and laughing and it said that "Has Niall Horan finally found the girl of his dreams?" 
S: Aww Leggy don't worry cheer up come on over and I'll get to the bottom of this
A: Thanks so much Sky I'll be over in 30mins ok see you soon bye
S: Byeee

"Guys Allegra will be over in 30mins, but in the mean time let's play some Truth or Dare!" "Ok I'm going to go first." "Hey Louis who picked you to go first?!?" "Shut up Hazza or I'll pick you!" "Ok Lilith Truth or Dare?" "Umm Dare" "Ok perfect haha I Dare you to kiss Hazza" "Louis you can't to that" " yes I can you picked dare" I was super duper nervous because this would be my first kiss and let me just tell you this is not how I imagined it to be at all! "Louis you can't make her kiss me that's not fair for her are for me" "oh please Harry it's not like you wouldn't like to kiss her anyways" "Louis just shut up, Lilith are you sure you want to do this?" "Yep I'm pretty sure" and after I said those words everything else was just a blur, because before I knew it I was kissing the Harry Styles!! Fangirling inside!! "Ok guys that's been 10 seconds split apart!!" "Haha thanks Louis for that" "no problemo Hazza" 
"Zayn can you please go get the door?" Ya sure thing Serina" "heyyyyy Leggy!!! Guys Allegra's here. Btw you just missed some interesting stuff!" 
Allegra's POV
"What did I miss you can tell me while you help me get my stuff from my car?" "Well you see Lilith and Harry kissed while you were gone." "OMG no way did they kiss! Why did I have to miss that?!?" "Ya I know right you better hurry next time!" "Come on in the boys are just inside playing truth or dare" "ooh fun" "you can just head into the living room and I'll put ur stuff in the spare room upstairs" "thanks Zayn" "don't worry about it and goodness gracious girl what do you pack in your bag rocks?!?" "Noo it might be heavy because I packed dance stuff that I need for tomorrow cuz me, Lilith and Skylar are auditing so I just stuffed it all in there" "well sounds good I'll see you when I come back" "hey guys I'm joining the game I hope I didn't miss much" "the only the you missed was Mr.Styles over here and Lilith were showing wayyy too much PDA" I glanced over to Lilith and Harry and they were both as red as Louis's pants back in the day, they would be so cute together just get together already. "Who's turn is it?" "It can be your turn Leggy" "thanks Liam, Umm Niall truth or dare?" "I choose Dare" "ok I dare you to ask somebody to be your girlfriend!" "Umm" by this time I regret doing this dare because not only was I blushing but Niall was as red as a tomato!! "Ahem Allegra would you like to be my REAL girlfriend?" "OMG yes yes yes a million times yes" I ran over to him Ingulfing him in a hug knocking him onto the floor in the process. "Ok then I guess it's confirmed" " Why don't all the lads just ask the girls to be there girlfriends cuz me and the lads all have a crush on one of ya so this is perfect timing ok who wants to go first!!" Louis yelled in my ear nearly making me deaf!! "Ok then how about the lovely M. Harry Styles?!?" "I guess so Lilith will you be my girlfriend??" "I would love to Harry I thought you would never ask haha" "who dares to go next" "Skylar will you do me the honor and be my girlfriend??" "Ohhh and Payno had taken the move!" "I would be honored to be your girlfriend!!" "And last but none the less Serina is already my girlfriend and Zayn of course is taken by the lovely and stunning Perrie Edwards!!" "Yayyy" "now we are all such cute couples" After we had finished out very action packed game of truth or dare we decided to curl up on the couch and watch movie, and for se reason they chose the Titanic which I have a love hate relationship with that movie it has a beautiful story but it always makes me and the other girls cry I don't know why but it just does, don't judge me. So after we all finished decided where everybody is going to sit which took like 15 minutes to do so. "Guys let's start the movie please me, Lilith and Leggy have a audition tomorrow and I want to go to bed somewhat early tonight" "ok everybody it's start shhhh" when it got to the part I knew I was going to cry at I looked away from the screen and look around at everybody. Lilith and Harry were on the couch just cuddling which is too cute. Serina and Louis were sitting on the floor silently throwing popcorn at each making a mess doing so. Sky and Liam were sitting on the love seat and Liam was just playing with Sky's hair, and me and Niall were sitting on the big leather chair and we were just cuddling. Even though I looked away from the screen, a few tears escaped my face. "Aww princess don't cry it's ok it's only a movie I'm here don't worry come here" (sniff) "haha thanks Niall I always cry at this part I hate it" before I knew it a all the lights had been turned on. "Hey who turned on the lights, is the movie over already?!?" "Ya Leggy it's over now" "girls come on let the guys clean up the mess so we can go to sleep lol" "ya let's go  Leggy, Sky and Serina" "have fun cleaning up our mess" "ya ya Serina get your but upstairs before your cleaning up to" "goodnight guys" "goodnight girls"
(Next morning)
"Wake up girls it's 6:00 am we need to get ready" "ughh whyy" "Sky please get up" "fine I'm up I'm up" "now please go wake up Leggy we need to be at the studio at 7:00am" "ok" "Leggy time to get up" "what time is it" "it's 6:00am" "oh ok thanks for waking me up I why did they have to make us get at the studio at 7:00am when the auditions don't start till 10:00am?!?" "I don't know,but we need to hurry cuz we still need to drive there and that takes 30mins" "ok and what dances are they making us do in order to get in to the dance studio?" "Leggy didn't you read the brochure?!" "Yes I did but I forgot" "it's hip hop, contemporary, ballet, acro, lyrical, jazz and I think that's it but I'm not too sure, see you down stairs" "see you" after Sky left I got my butt out of bed and started getting ready for this very long day of dance, first I grabbed my black leotard just to be on the safe side then my ballet tights and then all the other essentials and got dressed, finally after that I put my hair into a ballet bun and went downstairs" "hey guys how did you guys sleep?" "Great how about you?" "Ya me to, is Serina up yet" "why would she be up if she doesn't need to you know who she barley likes getting up a 9:00am let alone 6:00am I left a not for the guys and Serina is everybody ready?" "Yep and your so prepared Lilith it's sometimes scary" "haha thanks Leggy I'll take that as a compliment, now let's go"   We all hopped into the car for our 30min car ride there,when we finally got there the parking lit was jammed packed with people like it was crazy!!" "Wow guys look at all these cars" "ya I know right Sky" after an agonizing 15mins of just circling around the parking lot we finally found a parking spot,and we quickly rushed inside cuz we were almost late luckily all of us were auditioning for the same categories so that was good. "Ok guys our first audition is I think acro which is a bonus for me because I think I'm an awesome acrobat lol, but were all really good at acro" "ok all ladies wanting to get into the full program you ladies will be having acro first in studio 1" "yess I knew it" "come on guys let's go" "good morning ladies welcome to EAD Elite Academy Of Dance. Will start this morning with a warm up first and you ladies may call me Miss. Leah, ok so really nice and simple warm to start of with. After we finished the warm up we started doing so technique stuff. "Ok ladies first I will critique you are your ariels everybody go to the corner of the room and No talking!" Oh shoot I've only be able to get my Ariel once and that was with Serina's help oh crap I'm going to land on my head!! "Ok next!!" Lilith was next and she landed a stunning Ariel hitting all the points, next up was Skylar I could tells he was nervous so I flashed her a thumbs up and a smile. "Next please" Sky and Lilith were born to be acrobats but not me do much anymore. "Next" here it goes, I started off on a not a great start but by the time it was time to do my ariel I was ready, and I landed it YES!! After like 20 other girls did there ariel we had to to a routine she taught us in 30mins and them preform it in front of the "judges" after that we had a 30min break before they called us back again. "Guys you did awesome in there you guys are gonna for sure make it!" "Thanks you were stunning out there and you landed your ariel I'm so happy for you!!""ya you were amazing" "Thanks guys!" After acro we had a bunch of other auditions and let me just say it was a breeze until we got to hip hop. "Guys what studio is it in" "it's studio 4" "let's go in and stretch" once we got there we decided to go stretch in the corner. "Guys look there's a spot over there in the corner" "oh yay good eye Sky" we were half way done with stretching when these three girls came up to us. "Hello" "hey" they said. "What are your names?" "This is Lizzzie, Lilly and I'm Safire how about you?" "I'm Lilith this is Allegra and this is Skylar" once we had introduced ourselves there smiles diapered and were replaced with evil looking smirks. "Well well if it isn't the girlfriend gang themselves!" "What are you talking about?" "You know darn well what I'm talking about, you whatever your name is again!!" "It's Lilith and what do you want!!" Safire took a step closer to Lilith. "Well Lilly over here wants you to step away from her man, he was never yours anyways!" And with that she stomped on Lilith foot. "HEY don't you dare hurt my friend!!" "Ohh feisty aren't we don't worry you'll get your fair share!" "I think it was Allegra correct?!?" "Ya what do you this time!" "I want you to dump Niall!" "Never I love him and he loves me!" "That is not true he loves Lizzie not you why would you think that!" And then she shoved me onto the floor. "And you Skylar will get the worst" without giving a warning she started kicking and punching Sky. By that time me and Lilith were MAD! "Hey get away stop it your hurting her!" "Sky don't let her do this to you!" Me and Lilith were trying to get to Sky but Safire's "sidekicks" kept us back. "Let go of her Safire!!" "Don't touch me let me get to my friend!!" "Lilith you have any luck?!?" "No how about you" "nope" "Sky are you alright?!?!" "Sky?! Safire what are you doing to her?!?" LADIES what is going on here??" "Miss my friend Safire here was just stretching and then this girl who's name I forgot came up to her and started punching her and kicking her!" "That is not true!!" "Everybody go back to stretching nothing to see here, girls back away please" once Safire and her possie had backed away there on the floor lay a very beaten up Sky. "Girls please take your friend to the washroom to clean her up and them I think it would be best if you girls take her home." "Ok thank you so much." We quickly rushes to Sky's side. "Sky Sky please get up." "OMG she looks so bad" she had a one black eye, a busted lip, a bleeding nose and scratches and bruises starting to form on her arms and face. "Who is it please don't hurt me!!" "Sky it just me and Leggy we aren't going to hurt you were taking you home" "ok ready we're going to lift you up ok, one two three up" "ok let's get you into the car Sky" "ok careful lie her down in the back ok slowly slowly, there we go Sky, Leggy is going to stay here with you and I'll be right back." "Sky everything is going to be ok I know you are in a lot of pain right now but it's going to get you all better, you just go to sleep for now." "Leggy I'm back come on get into the front seat" "Lilith she looks horrible what is Liam going to say, oh I'm sorry Liam we just took your girlfriend out and she gets beaten up!" "Forget about Liam, what's Niall going to say you know how protective he is about Sky he didn't even want her to go cuz last time she went to a dance audition she broke her wrist!" "Well let's hope they're not home" "ok we're here I'll go in first to see if there home, hello??? Anybody home??" "Lilith's home everybody upstairs!!" "Haha hey guys" "where's Allegra and Skylar??" "Oh Sky just fell asleep in the car" "oh I'll go carry her in for you guys." "No no no we can thanks though you guys can just go back downstairs and do whatever you were doing before and Serina can I talk to you in private?" "Ya sure what is it" "Umm you might want to come see for yourself come on" "OMG!!"

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