Identity thief

There is a girl named Skylar Milles but that not her real name her real name is Claire Horan and yes she is related to the Niall Horan this is her story about her life in disguise and how she reveals herself to the world. And how they will react will her friends leave her after so many years not know the real Claire or will they stick by her side and will her enemy's try to be her friends. Read to find out


19. Crush

Niall's POV
Me and the boys were just in the middle of our very intense FIFA game with Zayn playing against the master of FIFA Louis the score was a tied game 2-2, when we heard the doorbell ringing I quickly ran to go get the door grabbing my wallet along thinking it was the pizza man. But to my surprise when I flung open the front door I saw Skylar,Lilith,Serina and I girl that I had never seen before. "Hey guys at first I thought you guys were the pizza man"" Of course you did Niall". Lilith said "So who's this new girl with you guys?" "Oh ya Niall this is Allegra we met her at the mall and it turns out she's a HUGE fan of you guys and I guess we all just clicked with her instantly!" Wow she's really calm to be a HUGE fan of us!! And boy was she pretty she look like she was about 5'4 short but cute short, she had shoulder length brown hair, I also noticed she had pretty blue eyes and was wearing a really pretty mint green crop top with some type of skirt I thinks they called them circle skirts from what I remember Serina telling me. "We'll come on in guys and I just told you we ordered pizza and right now the guys are having an intense FIFA match!" "Thanks Niall I thought you would never let us in!" Serina said while playfully punching me in the arm and she walked in. "Wow Niall you guys have a HUGE house like how many floors does this mansion have?" "Actually it seems really big now but you will get used to it it's only three floors counting the attic." "Guys the girls are over and they brought I friend." Hey girlsss Louis shouted. "Hey Louis, guys meet Allegra, Allegra meet    The one and only One Direction!" "Hey Allegra!" All the guys chimed at the same time it's sometimes really freaky how we can do that all the time. "So who ended up winning the FIFA match?" "Skylar how dare you bring that up its a very sensitive subject you know and Zayn won, but I swear next time he won't win that easily and besides I took it easy on him." "Sure you did Louis nice cover up." "I swear I did but fine don't believe me but I will always know I took it easy on him." "So what did you guys want to do?" "Well Allegra you can choose whatever since your the guest." "Umm how about we watch a movie while we wait for the pizza to come?" "That a great idea which movie?" "Let's watch Grease it's my all time fav movie to watch ever since I was a kid." "Same with Niall, ok Niall you go find that and the rest of us will grab the blankets and some drinks." "Yes Daddy Directioner." "Allegra love would you like a drink?" When Liam said that to her I clenched my fist without even thinking, what is with me maybe I have a crush in her? But that impossible I just met her like 20 minutes again how is that possible? "No thanks I'm not old enough to drink quite yet but do you have a pop or something?" Ya I think we have a root bear would you like that?" "That would be perfect Liam thanks." "How about you girls?" "Could we have a root bear too please." "Yep coming right up." "And you boys want a beer correct?" You know the answer." "Oh of course you do." By the time we had gotten the movie all ready to go and everything set up the pizza had still not come but we decided to start without the pizza, Zayn and Louis wanted to sit on the floor, Harry sat on the arm chair, Liam,Serina,Lilith and Skylar were all squished together and if it had been all planned out by the boys me and Allegra ended up on the love sit. By the time it was the last scene Louis had fallen asleep beside Zayn,Skylar was failing miserably to keep her eyes out and Allegra was peacefully passed out on the shoulder. " Guys where do you think the pizza is?" "Niall I know your hungery but just because you guys and the fans call me Daddy Directioner I don't know all the answers, but at this point in the night I don't think anybody cares anymore except for you." Hey guys." "Ya Zayn". "Should we wake the others up?" "Nahh I don't think do it's like 12:30pm, if you can carry or drag Louis up to his bedroom, Liam can you carry Sky up to the spare room and Harry,Lilith and Serina would you mind cleaning up out blankets and popcorn. And meanwhile I'll take Allegra up to the other spare room" "Sounds like a plan to me Niall"


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