Identity thief

There is a girl named Skylar Milles but that not her real name her real name is Claire Horan and yes she is related to the Niall Horan this is her story about her life in disguise and how she reveals herself to the world. And how they will react will her friends leave her after so many years not know the real Claire or will they stick by her side and will her enemy's try to be her friends. Read to find out


21. Confessions

Louis's POV
After I got off the phone with Serina I was really worried about, me and Serina had a really tight relationship. And I have learned that she has had a rough past with boyfriends and people in general. So if this is about Luke I will kick his butt,because Serina has told me that lately Luke has been partying a lot, so while I was waiting for Serina to arrive let's just say I was a little panicked..........actually scratch the I was freaking out. When Serina arrived after ten minutes which felt like two hours this is how is all went down.(dingdong) "I'm coming just a minute, Serina what's wrong come in can I get you anything? Water,pop...." "Louis calm down let's just sit on the couch and talk your more frantic than I am" "ok ya I think that's a good idea, please come in" "thanks louis I thought you would never ask" "ok so why were you crying on the phone earlier with me? Was it something I digit the boys or was it Luke?" "Louis calm down you and the guys didn't do anything wrong it's Luke that should be worrying" "what did he do to you Serina because I will literally kick his butt for you" "he just doesn't know how to treat a girl properly that all and (crying) he said I was useless,that I needed to get a life,that I was clingy,that's I'm useless and he didn't even love me and nobody else does" when Serina said what Luke told her my heart felt like somebody had yanked it out and then threw it on the ground."aww Serina come here you know all that stuff he said to you is pure crap don't listen to him,me and the boys all love you and you have a wonderful family to love you and support you. So let's forget all about Luke and forget all about this. (Whisper) "And I bet u could treat you a lot better than any guy you have ever dated" "sorry louis I couldn't here the last part what did you say?" "Oh never mind it wasn't that important" "oh ok Louis I'm really sorry but I think I need to go to bed is it ok if I crash here on the couch?" "Ya of course Serina but I will not allow you to sleep on the couch you sleep in my bed don't worry the sheets are clean and I will sleep on the couch and don't worry it's all ok" "thanks a million Louis I owe you big time well goodnight and thanks again for comforting me and making me feel better " "no problemo Serina and sleep tight goodnight" and with that we went out separate ways she went upstairs and I headed to closet to get some blankets and pillows for myself,and while I was getting ready for bed I was thinking to myself. Could I actually be falling for my best friend? And with that question swirling around in my head a fell asleep the minute my head touched the pillow.
(The next morning)
Serina's POV
The next morning I woke up and for a few minutes I had no clue where I was but then I remember Luke and what happened last night. Could my life get any worse right now, but I got out of bed and grab my Louis crew neck from fresh top and some black leggings and headed to take a shower. After my shower I was feeling lazy so I quickly out my hair up into a topknot, and went down stairs when I heard Louis on the phone with somebody I couldn't help but eavesdrop on what he was saying to the person on the other line.
Louis POV
When I got up this morning I decided to call another one of my closet friends Lilith
L: Hello Lilith speaking 
Lo: Heyy Lilith it's Louis The Tommo Tomlinson
L: Oh hey Louis why are you calling so early
Lo: I'm really sorry about that but I'm in a real pickle and I need a girls advice
L: Sure what is it spill the jellybeans
Lo: Well you see there's this girl I've fallen head over heels for but the problem is that she has just had a breakup and me and her are really good friends and I don't want to ruin our friendship and beside she probably doesn't feel the same way  about me
L: Ok you are in real pickle but the worst thing that could happen is you tell her and she doesn't feel the same way and depending on the girl thing will either go back to normal or be really awkward. But I say you tell her how you feel.
Lo: Thanks Lilith a million I'll call you back to tell you how it goes bye.
L: Don't worry about good luck byee.
Serina's POV
The minute Louis mentions that he likes a girl my heart shatters into a billion pieces and the next thing I know is that I hear Louis say. Thanks Lilith a million I'll call you back to tell you how it goes bye. What Louis doesn't know is that I have a big crush on him and I swear last night he said, I bet I can treat you better than any other guy you have dated. But I have weird hearing so maybe I was hearing things,anyways I head into the kitchen to go get some breakfast before Louis gets off the phone. "Louis who were you on the phone with?" Even though I darn know who he was talking to. "Oh that was just Lilith, how did you sleep?" "Like the princess and the pea" "I'm sorry you didn't sleep that well, and I'm loving the shirt your rocking today" "haha thanks you gave this to me remember  for my birthday" "oh ya I do remember now I'm glad you like it" "like it Louis I love it it's so comfy" "what did you want to do today Serina?" "Umm it seems like it's going to be a nice day did you want to go to the fair?" "Ya that's a great idea I'm just going to get ready and then we can get going!!" On the way to the fair me and Louis we going nuts in the car, we rolled down all the windows on the window and plugged my iphone in and then we blasted SOML and other One Direction songs the whole way there singing but more like screaming the lyrics. After half an hour of doing so we finally arrived and it was crazy busy!! "Louis it looks really busy we can just come back another day when it's not so busy" "are you cray cray Ser we are not doing that no let's go!!" We went on all the roller coasters and Louis even won me a Finding Nemo stuffy which BTW I'm in love with Finding Nemo, when we were even to dizzy and to go another roller coaster we decided to go on the Farris wheel, but It was all Louis idea because I'm terribly afraid of height which doesn't affect me on roller coasters just on Ferris wheels I have no clue why . "Serina let's go on the Ferris wheel I promise it will be fun!" "Ok fine only for you though Tomlinson" "yay success, let's go" when we were next in line I was shaking like we were in the North Pole. "Calm down Som it's going to be ok" "if it's not I swear I'm going to kill you Tomlinson" "ok that's fine cuz were going on right now just don't look down" I was doing amazing till we reached the top" Serina I thought I told you to not look down it's ok I'll keep you safe, just look at me" "ok what ever you say Louis" "Serina I need to tell you something. I have fallen head over heels for you" "for a moment my brain couldn't process that he had fallen head over heels for me?" Before I knew what was happening I gave Louis a hug and I quick kiss on the lips and said. "I'm glad you have cuz I have too" "So does that mean you would want to be my Girlfriend???" "Yes!!! I would love to!!"


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