Identity thief

There is a girl named Skylar Milles but that not her real name her real name is Claire Horan and yes she is related to the Niall Horan this is her story about her life in disguise and how she reveals herself to the world. And how they will react will her friends leave her after so many years not know the real Claire or will they stick by her side and will her enemy's try to be her friends. Read to find out


8. At Niall's House

Skylar's POV

So by the time we got to Niall's house it was 5:30pm and we were supposed to get there at 4:30pm but on the way, I have no clue how but we got lost like two times and then we turned at the wrong street so then we had to turn around so let's just say we had an adventure before we got to his house. And let me tell you his house is HUGE like three diffrent levels and a big water fountain in the front and it was just so gorgeous!! So when we finally made it to the door after we walked up the long drive way, Carly rang the door bell and within minutes we heard somebody running down the stairs and opening the door. We all looked up and there standing in front of us was the living breathing Liam Payne!! The look on our faces was pricele$$, but I don't think he noiteced, after that incident he invited us inside. Heyyyyyy Guys come on in what took you so long not that it matters or anything just wondering, welllll you see we sorta got lost on our way over here. You guys WALKED???? Ya you could have called us and then we could have picked you guys up. Oh the guys are in the living room watching finding nemo. Ok cool thanks Liam, you guys can just follow me OMG  Tessa it THE Liam Payne!!!!! I know Carly it's so crazy I can't believe I'm standing in front of him eek. Guys shhhhhh he can hear you but I can't believe it either lol! Guyyys the girls are here!!! Oh hey guys your just in time for a game of Truth or Dare!! Oh ok let's play!!! *whispers* Skylar I thought you hated this game, ya I do Carly but we're playing with One Direction! Ok Louis you go first Zayn said, Sure But first what are your names girls? Well she's Tessa beside her is Carly and I'm Skylar! Ok cool truth or dare Skylar? Truth, ok who is your favorite band member? Umm I can't do that! Yes you can if your life depended upon it. Ok fine my fav is Niall. Oooh we got a Nialler girl here!! Shut up Louis! Ok my turn truth or dare Tessa? Truth, ok who's your favorite band member? *whispers* Liam. Pardon Tessa we can't hear you Liam. Ok your turn Tessy ok Claire truth or dare? Truth, wo your favorite band member? Louis!!! We've got a Louis girl right here!!! Ok Claire bear your turn, ummm Niall truth or dare? Dare I dare you to tell me about your little sister!! What?!?! Come on Niall you were talking about during the concert we want to now more!! Fine it all started that amazing day my little sister came into then world, but the years following wasn't a walk in the park......

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