The Nerd

Vanessa Curry is always bullied, by her older sister Tori. Her mom was the only person that cared & one day her mom was gone, forever. Justin Bieber is the new kid at the school, he's popular & he only cares for his girlfriend, Casey, who also bullies her. Her dad, Richard is out of her life. One day, he actually starts to care. They start to have feelings for each other. Readit to find out! ;p
- Jazz. ��



I hoped out of the truck, and headed inside. Once I went inside, everybody was staring at me. '

' what a slut! Nobody likes you, you ratxhet ass hoe!' Casey said.

' You know what? I still haven't lost my virginity, I ain't the one who has a dick in between my legs, and doesn't cheat on people!' I said. Casey looked embarrassed, while everybody ' ooooooed' before I left, justin made a big old scene. ' WHAT THE FUCK CASEY! I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME! I DID EVERYTHING TO KEEP THINS GOING, AND YOU'VE BEEN CHEATING ON ME FOR 3 FUCKING MONTHS? YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK YOU! GO FIND ANOTHER DICK TO GO BETWEEN YOUR LEGS, AND IT SURE IN THE HELL AIN'T GUNNA BE MINE' justin yelled. He went straight to class. I took out my schedule, and realized I had social studies, just great. -.- * NOTE THE SARCASM* I went to the class and sat down.

' Today we will get assigned partners and work on a assignment, on history and all. Ok, I will name off the partners!' Mrs Ross said. 

' Casey Phillips and Jay Garcia ' 

' Jason Martell and Douglas Phillips ' 

' Vanessa Curry and Justin Bieber ' 

' Tori Curry and Heather Snow ' 

' Terrance Morgan and Drew James ' 

i went over to justin. ' hey, ' I said quietly. ' what do you want ? You ugly ass ratchet bitch? ' he 



said loudly. I busted out in tears and ran out of the room. ' Vanessa! IM SORRY' he said. ' FUCK YOU' as I was running with my head down, I Ran into a girl, who was carrying her tray, which was spaghetti and it was splattered all over my sweater. Great , just fucking great! I muttered 

under my breath. I walked outside and justin was by my truck. ' what the fuck do you want?' I 

said loudly, ' Vanessa I'm so sorry, I'm just in a bad mood, as you noticed Casey cheated on me. And I'm sure in the hell sorry for what I did!!' He said. ' well, it's ok, it's just another day that I get picked on and food all over my clothes.' I said. ' will you forgive me? And we can go to your place to study?' He called. ' sure and hop in! ' I smiled. 

* at my house * 

' steph! I'm home!' I called.

' Well I guess it's just me and you' I said. I was thinking about school. WORST DAY EVER. 



 - what's up baby dolls? I updated! (: & if I made mistakes, I'm sorry because I'm on my iPod. Love oh

no reply.

' Well I guess it's just me and you.' I said. ' so tell me Bout yourself.' He said. 

' well my name is Vanessa, but people call me ness or nessa. I'm 17. And my brother is a NBA player for the golden state warriors.  My older sister, tori, is a whore slash slut. My mom died and my dad is a drunk who left before I was born,' 



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