The Nerd

Vanessa Curry is always bullied, by her older sister Tori. Her mom was the only person that cared & one day her mom was gone, forever. Justin Bieber is the new kid at the school, he's popular & he only cares for his girlfriend, Casey, who also bullies her. Her dad, Richard is out of her life. One day, he actually starts to care. They start to have feelings for each other. Readit to find out! ;p
- Jazz. ��


5. well, that was unexpected.

- Justin's Pov- 

ness was telling me about herself, and I wanted to tell her about my life. 

' so you go now. ' ness said. 

' ok. Well my name is justin drew bieber. I have a sister named Tyleigh. My dad is in NY , he lives here. My moms name is pattie mallette. I love basketball, and soccer. And I'm 17. ( JUSTIN IS POPULAR) I am a singer, currently not on tour. And I'm crushing for this girl, she's terribly cute.! I've always liked her since I came. She looks just so darn beautiful! I said. 

I hope she knows I'm talking about her! 

- ness pov - 

hes crushing. On somebody else.  But it won't be me. 

' who is it? ' I asked shyly. 

' it's.......... You. , its always been you. Ever since I've been going to school here, I developed feelings for you. ' justin said. He leaned in, I leaned in. Our lips connected, and in my body, were fireworks, and bombs exploding! We kissed for a few more seconds and justin said 

' I'm going on tour and I was wondering if I can be your boyfriend and you can come on your with me?' 

' YESS! ' I squeaked.! Best day everrrrrr! <3 

' let me call steph, and I'll tell him. ' I called. I quickly dialed his phone number. 

' steph? Me & justin are dating, & he's going on tour, can I go? Please? I promise ill be safe.! ' I said into the phone. 

' yes baby you can go, but be safe, let me talk to justin.' I handed the phone to justin. 

- Justin's pov - 

We just kissed. A million fireworks went off. But not like me & the sluts. A billion times better! Ness was on the phone with Stephan, and She handed it over to me. ' hey justin.' Stephan called. ' hey man.' I replied. ' ness is allowed to go on tour and she just told me that you were dating. & if you ever ever ever break my baby's heart, you'll be begging for your life! I mean it too!' He called. ' promise.' ' ill be over in a bit, to say bye to ness.' ' k.' I called. I hung up and gave ness we phone. I pulled out mine and added her name into my contacts as ' My baby.<3' 

i heard a knock and ness went for it. ' STEPH!!!!, I missed you' she said. ' how's my baby? ' Stephen called. ' well I won't be back for lik me a year or so, so ill promise to be safe. ' she said. She gave steph a big ol' hug and said our goodbyes. ' bye my baby, ill miss you, call me , text me or Skype me every single day' he said.  ' I love you. & I promise!' She said, sniffling. We walked out the door and ness turned around and said ' I love you my baby!!!' He said. An with that , we left. And the kiss, WAS UNEXPECTED. 




- Heller! :p suuuup den my loves? Well I finally updated, and about time, enet jazz? Well I'm sorraaaay If I messed up, I'm in my iPod. Ill

Update soon loves! <3 


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