The Nerd

Vanessa Curry is always bullied, by her older sister Tori. Her mom was the only person that cared & one day her mom was gone, forever. Justin Bieber is the new kid at the school, he's popular & he only cares for his girlfriend, Casey, who also bullies her. Her dad, Richard is out of her life. One day, he actually starts to care. They start to have feelings for each other. Readit to find out! ;p
- Jazz. ��


2. Im the Nerd.

Vanessa's Pov ~ 


Well let me tell you about myself. My full name is Vanessa Dawn Curry. Yes, I'm the sister of Stephan Curry. My mother died just recently & My father is a dumb drunk who was never in my life. Im 16 & live on my own. I work 3 jobs; Debs, Gordmans & Claire's. My sister, Tori beats me because my mothers gone. She says its my fault because she got into a car accident. Tori is a slut. She's a girl who parties every single night & always has a man every single night! She's not in my life. My Brother. Stephan Curry, is a NBA player. he plays for the Golden State Warriors. He lives with me in my 2-story house. He's the only one that cares. I look like him. With his eyes, & stuff. Anyways, I go to West Ford High School In California. So there's this boy I like. Justin Bieber. But the sad thing is. He already has a girlfriend, Casey Monroe. She's a slut. She's been cheating on him for 3 months & he doesn't even know. I've always had feelings for him & he doesn't know. 

Justin's Pov ~ 

The names Justin. Justin Bieber. I have a girlfriend, who is a slut. I don't like her. I don't even know why I'm with her. Ugh, anyways. I'm 17. & I go to West Ford High School & there's a girl I like. Vanessa Curry. She's super pretty, prettier than Casey. My mom is Pattie Mallette. Anyways. I gotta Go. ;p 


- HEY GUYS! this is my first Movella. (: I really hope you like it. It means a lot! :) Thanks. :)

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