The Nerd

Vanessa Curry is always bullied, by her older sister Tori. Her mom was the only person that cared & one day her mom was gone, forever. Justin Bieber is the new kid at the school, he's popular & he only cares for his girlfriend, Casey, who also bullies her. Her dad, Richard is out of her life. One day, he actually starts to care. They start to have feelings for each other. Readit to find out! ;p
- Jazz. ��


6. Canada first.

- Tori's pov - 

i heard my slutty sisters gone! This means I can get into my brothers house, and steal all her clothes!. Sounds like a nice plan. Well, lemme tell you about myself. My mothers dead, which Vanessa caused. Long story. & my father is a big drunk, & was never in my life. I have a sister,Who is a dumb ratchet.! I'm pregnant, just found out, and I don't know who the father is. Sucks. I guess you can say I'm a hoe. I just pulled up to my sisters house & here goes nothing!! I opened the door, it was silent, and I snuck upstairs. I went into nessas room & somebody said ' well well well, if it isn't my hoe sister. Planning to take my baby's clothes? Well, you came at the right time!! Stephan grabbed me by my hair & threw me out. Fuck.... 


Nessas pov 

we were boarding the plane to Canada , to get his mother, & grandparents , Bruce & Diane. ' come on baby , lets go ' Justin said. I grabbed my suit case & carry on bag & followed Justin. 

* few hours later * 

meet just got off the plane & got a taxi. Justin told him the address & took us there. We hoped out of the car & headed inside.

 Justin's pov  

my mom is going to love ness!! When we got inside.. Their faces were happy! 






Holy god!! I haven't updated in two weeks! I feel so bad!!!!!! :( homework, school, basketball, is in my schedule, hopefully ill update this week?! (: bye loves. <3 


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