Try Hard *1D/5SOS Fanfic*

"Ashhh I don't want you to leave!" I say, pouting. "I'm sorry! I'll miss you so much!" He says back. "Why can't I just come with you?" I say playfully. "Hey! That's not a bad idea! Come on tour with me!" He say grinning like a maniac. "I was just joking, Ashton" I laugh. "I'm not! Your my best friend! Please come with me!" He gives me the puppy dog eyes. Damn. I just got friendzoned.


2. Meet The Guys

*Ashton's POV*

"Ariaaa" I shake her shoulder softly trying to wake her up. The jet had just landed in London. She groans and her eyes open. She yawns. "We just landed" I say and stand up. Micheal, Luke, and Calum step out of the plane and I pull Aria up. "C'monnn! Don't be so lazyyy" I joke and she groans and walks out of the plane.

*Arriving at the hotel*

*Aria's POV* 

I set my luggage down on my bed. Micheal walks into my room. "C'mon! We're going to go meet the guys!" He says grinning. "What guys?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. "The guys in One Direction" He says like I'm an idiot. He grabs my wrist and leads me into the living room where I see 5 guys and 1 girl with Calum, Luke, and Ashton. Micheal lets go of my wrist. They're all chatting and Ashton spots me. "Oh guys! This is my friend, Aria!" He says smiling. Friendzoned. Again. Wow. I smiles and wave. The girl stands up and gives my a wide smile. "Hi! I'm Alison." She offers me her hand to shake and I shake it. "Nice to meet you" I say. She nods and sits back down beside the boy with brown curly hair. He kisses her cheek, grabs her hand, and she blushes. Well it's obvious who is dating in here. I smiles and my eyes meet with the blond haired and blue eyes boy sitting on a chair. "I'm Niall" He says and gives me a warm smile and a tight hug. I look and see Ashton, who's expression has changed from happy and smiley to serious. Well. I don't know what happened to him within the last 2 seconds but he's defiantly not happy.

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