Foolishly, Completely falling

Katie has been waiting for her Prince Charming to come along and save her from everything. She's dating the caption of the football team who's an abusive drunk. She's a college student who lives in a dorm with him. What will happen when she makes it big and her best friend is Harry Styles? Will he fall for her or will they always be just friends?


2. My return

2 years later

 Katie's POV 

         I left the studio with my new album in my hands. I smiled and flew back to Britain. I drove all the way back to the university being stopped by lots of fans. I saw Sydney and Zack waiting for me at the front gate. I parked my car and ran out to Sydney hugging her tightly. I then pulled away and hugged Zack. He picked me up and spun me around. I kissed his cheek and plastered on a fake smile. I looked at Syd and said "I've got a surprise for u!" I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to my car. I got in the drivers seat and drove off to our new flat downtown. "This is our new flat!" I smiled and looked at her. "We don't have to share a room either there's 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms furniture is already all inside the house!" I said and looked a her smiling. I unlocked the door and we ran around inside the house. I went up to my room and showed her where her room is. I ordered a large pizza and popped in a movie. "Sydney! Movie night!" I yelled and she came running into my room. I heard the doorknob and ran downstairs to get the pizza. I looked at the pizza guy and say it was Zack. I looked down and paid for the pizza hoping he wouldn't know it was me. "Hi baby!" He said and looked at me. I didn't wanna be rude so I said "hi wanna join us for a movie?" I looked down and thought fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I led him upstairs to my room and gave him a beer. I grabbed another juice for me and syd. I sat on Zack's lap and looked at Syd. The movie ended and syd left the room leaving me and Zack in the room alone. I turned around still sitting on his lap and looked into his eyes. 

           He drank 4 more beers and was totally drunk. I looked at him and said "why do u always have to be drunk?" I immediately regretted what I said. He looked at me and slapped me across my face and kicked me in the stomach. I fell to the floor and looked up at him with a black eye. He slapped me again and said "don't look at me like that! Bitch!" He grabbed another beer and drank it. I got up from the floor holding my stomach and went into my bathroom. I locked the door and yelled from the inside in tears "THIS IS MY HOUSE SO GET OUT OF IT! MY PROPERTY NOT YOURS GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!" I could hear him getting angry. He pounded on the bathroom door and I texted syd: lock your bedroom door now don't question it just do it!  I cried and hid in the cupboard behind me. He picked the lock and entered the bathroom. I stayed quiet and cried silently. Suddenly my phone went off giving away my location. He pulled me out of the cupboard and punched me in the face. I cried and he threw me on the ground and kicked me again and again and again. "Now get your fatass up and bye me damn beer!" He yelled at me and kicked me again. I got up slowly and said "I'm gonna call the cos if u dont get off my property right now!" I stood as tall as I could looking him in the eyes. He stormed out of the house leaving me. I ran downstairs and locked all the doors. Sydney came out of her room and hugged me tightly. "You'll be fine I promise" she said as she walked me too the couch. I cried for hours while sitting in her arms. I slowly drifted to sleep.

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