Foolishly, Completely falling

Katie has been waiting for her Prince Charming to come along and save her from everything. She's dating the caption of the football team who's an abusive drunk. She's a college student who lives in a dorm with him. What will happen when she makes it big and her best friend is Harry Styles? Will he fall for her or will they always be just friends?


3. Meeting the winner

Harry's POV 

          So today Simon is making all the boys go meet the winner of the X factor. I really don't wanna go! I mean I don't even know who she is. I look over at Lou and he looks a little nervous, but Liam's just smiling all big like he's about to reveal some big family secret of his. I shake my curls and I feel the car stop. I look out the window to see were at a big flat in downtown London. I stepped out of the car and sighed. Liam ran up to the door and rang the doorbell. A short little blonde girl with blue eyes opened the door and looked at Liam. She squealed and hugged Liam tightly. Liam turned around and said "Boys meet my sister Katie!" I looked at Liam shocked and walked up to the door with Liam. "Well hello there Katie! Liam never told me his sister was beautiful!" I said. She blushed and looked down. "Harry don't touch my sister!" Liam said and looked at me. She really was beautiful. Her long beautiful blonde hair fell down her back perfectly. Her eyes were such a beautiful shade of blue. I shook my curls and winked at her. "So ummmm do u guys wanna come in?" She said and looked up at me and the boys.

Liam kissed her cheek and went inside. I followed and looked around. Suddenly her friend came rushing downstairs. "OMG it's really u! One direction! So you weren't lying about you're brother being Liam Payne?" She said and looked at Katie. Katie laughed and said "I don't lie! Yup he's my brother!" She said and hugged him. I heard the door bell and Katie ran to answer it. A tall muscular man with blue eyes. He hugged her and kissed her cheek. Liam glared at him and she said politely "Liam this is my bf Zack. He's captian of the football team." Liam looked at him and said "you put any body part of yours inside my little sister I will kill you! You lay a hand on her I kill you! You hurt her in any way I kill u!" I looked at the boy and something inside me told me something was wrong here. Maybe it was the way she looked at him or the way he looked at her. Something just wasn't right.


Katie's POV 

         It's great to finally see Liam again! I wish I could tell him every things zacks done to me! It would break every single one of Liam's rules! I plastered a fake smile on my face and said "hey why doesn't everyone stay the night at my place like a big sleepover I've got lots of sleeping bags we could play spin the bottle and truth or dare!" I said and looked at Liam. Everyone agreed to stay and we set up a game of truth or dare. I sat inbetween Liam and Zack. Zack slapped my thigh and Liam glared at him and said "hands off my sister!" I looked at Liam and hugged him. I looked at Liam and said "truth or dare!" "Truth" Liam replied. "God you're so lame ! Ugh! Ummmm ok here we go! What's your favorite thing about Louis?" I said and looked at Louis. Louis laughed and smiled. "Ummm his hair it's awesome!" Liam said and looked at Lou. "Ok truth or dare Katie?" Liam said and looked at me. "Uhhh truth!" I said and stuck my tongue out. "And you said I suck! Ummmm ok how about this question be honest! Have u ever had sex with Zack?" I looked at Liam and said "wow Liam talk about over protective! No no I haven't!" I lied. I looked around "ok Sydney u get to pick the next person!" I said and she nodded. 


Sydney's POV

         I could tell harry liked Katie by the way he looked at her time to make it known! "Harry truth or dare!" I said and looked at Katie then back to him. "Ummmm....DARE!" He said and looked at me. "I dare u to kiss Katie!" I said and looked at him. He blushed and walked over to Katie. "On the lips" I added and watched. Harry kissed Katie's lips gently and she blushed and looked down. Harry went back to his seat and looked at syd! "Well thanks for that one syd!" He said! Mission accomplished I thought and looked at Zack who seemed to be getting very angry. "Shit!" I whispered under my breath. "Ummmm Katie can u...come upstairs with me real quick!" Zack said and Katie immediately went upstairs with him. Liam followed them and ease dropped.

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