Foolishly, Completely falling

Katie has been waiting for her Prince Charming to come along and save her from everything. She's dating the caption of the football team who's an abusive drunk. She's a college student who lives in a dorm with him. What will happen when she makes it big and her best friend is Harry Styles? Will he fall for her or will they always be just friends?


5. Breakfast

Katie's POV

      I woke up and looked at Harry. "Yo curls." I whispered and got up. I slowly walked into the house blowing a kiss behind me. I saw Harry smirk. "Faker!" I half whispered half yelled at him. He smiled and got out of his sleeping bag. I rolled my sleeping bag up and he rolled his up too. I walked through the garage and threw my bag where It was before last night. "Oh so you're following me now, Styles!" I said teasing him. "Well I just thought u could use some help!" He said and stuck his tongue out. I rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen. I stood in front of the fridge and stood on my tip toes to get the sausage out of the freezer. Harry walked up behind me after seeing I couldn't really reach it and he took me by the waist and lifted me up.i laughed and said 

"thanks haz." I smiled and looked into his emerald eyes.

"no problem." He said and he set me down on the ground again.

I bent down and grabbed a pan and a pot. I came back up and make some hash browns eggs bacon and sausage. Harry helped me cook it and we set the table. I walked outside pulling harry behind me and handed him a can of silly string. I took a bottle for myself and so,e shaving cream. I unzipped the tent and looked at all the boys plus Sydney innocently sleeping. I took the shaving cream and silly string and ripped off the lids on both and harry did the same. I sprayed the stuff all over everyone and they all woke up screaming. "BREAKFAST!" I screamed and ran pulling harry behind me. I felt muscular arms grab my waist and lift me up. I knew it was Liam. "Liam!" I yelled and pounded on his back screaming and laughing.

"What were you and harry doing?" Liam asked as he set me on the couch and he sat down next to me. 

"Look at the table. Food." I said and I walked over to the table sitting inbetween harry and niall.

i finished up my food and threw my plate in the sink. 

"I'm going to change Sydney come with me." I said and I pulled her behind me up the stairs to out room.

"ummm ok" Sydney said walking behind me. I shut the door as we spoke. I turned the lock and went over to my dresser.

"Sydney stay away from my brother. I swear if u.." I stopped myself

"well you shouldn't be in the house with harry we all know you have a thing going."

"oh shut it." I blushed as I grabbed a shirt that read 'come with me to neverland' and some tight black leggings. I grabbed my red toms and slipped them on. 

"Well your brothers really protective if he walks in on you and harry doing anything your lover boy is dead." I put on my clothes as she spoke. I grabbed a hair brush and combed out my natural dirty blonde waist length hair.

"I realize that." I said and sprayed my perfume on. I turned around and saw Sydney in a shirt that read 'miss moving on' and she was wearing tight leggings and was combing her darker dirty blonde hair which was elbow length.

"You better be careful with jake." She looked into my eyes.

"I will okay no I got to go don't wanna leave th..." I trailed off because there was a knock at the door. I ran downstairs and opened the door feeling Liam standing behind me with harry. I saw jake standing there.

"what are you doing here?" I asked

"I thought I got my point across to you. Stay away from her." Liam said protectively.

"Liam calm down. Jake can we talk at the cafe?" I asked 

"yea lets go." Jake said stringing the words together. He grabbed my hand and took me out to the car. I waved goodbye to Liam and sat in the passenger seat. I sunk down in my seat as he drove off obviously intoxicated. I let a lone tear fall down my cheek. I pulled out my iPhone and texted Liam 'I'm okay I promise.' Then put my phone away. I looked over at jake and sighed a little too loudly. I closed my eyes and looked out the window watching him pull into the cafe parking lot. I opened the door of the car and stepped out walking inside with jake trailing behind me. I ordered a large Carmel latte and sat near the window. I pulled out my phone and jake sat beside me carrying our drinks. I looked up and jake and grabbed my latte. 








"What's wrong." Jake said as he sat next to me placing his hand on my upper thigh.

"nothing get your hands off me" I said swatting his hand away.

"what was that for?" Jake asked.

"don't touch me." 

"Oh you don't know what ill do to you." He sprung himself onto me punching me. I pushed him off and poured my hot latte on his face. 

"GOOD FUCKING BYE." I yelled and ran outside past the cafe and ran towards my home. I stopped 2 blocks from my house and collapsed crying on the cement. I pulled out my phone and blocked jakes number. I cried even harder when I saw harry running down the block towards me. He stopped and picked me up.

"how did you know.."

"the neighbors over here called and said you needed help so I ran before Liam could come. Liam's just a wreck." I cried onto Harry's shoulder softly as he spoke. He started to play with my hair and we were finally home. He walked me inside and set me down on Liam's lap on the couch. Then went to go get me an ice pack and some tissues. I hugged Liam tightly and he whispered in my ear.

"you can date harry just please tell me you and jake are done?"

"I don't really know" I responded through the tears. I held the ice pack to my eyes and used the tissues to clean up my bloody nose. Liam set me down next to him and I wiped away all my tears. Harry opened his arms and I fell into his arms cuddling up next to him wiping away all my tears. Liam got up and put on the original Peter Pan we all sat and watched it. I looked around and said 

"I guess I'm just miss moving on now." As I finished my last word I looked up and at harry and kissed him on the lips passionately. We stayed there kissing for a while until Liam went

"PDA is strictly prohibited between my best friend and my little sister thank you very much." I was so tired I curled up next to harry and let myself fall asleep in his arms.


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