Foolishly, Completely falling

Katie has been waiting for her Prince Charming to come along and save her from everything. She's dating the caption of the football team who's an abusive drunk. She's a college student who lives in a dorm with him. What will happen when she makes it big and her best friend is Harry Styles? Will he fall for her or will they always be just friends?


1. 19th birthday

Katie's POV

        I woke up next to Zack and kissed his cheek gently. I sighed and got out of bed. I walked over to my closet and opened the door looking at all my clothes. I picked out a tight black dress and my white converse high tops. I got dressed and curled my hair. I ran over to the desk grabbed my backpack and left the room. 

         I sighed and walked to my first class of the day choir. I sat down near the front and took out my binder. I saw Zack walk in behind me. He slapped my thigh and sat next to me wrapping his arm around me. "Well hello there." I said and looked up into his blue eyes. "Hi baby" he said and kissed my cheek gently. The teacher walked up to her desk and said "Katie Payne you're brother maybe big, but you've got no talent! Why are you even in my class!" She said and glared at me. I looked down and walked out of the class to the coffee shoo across the street. I ordered a coffee and sat down in the back. My friend Sydney walked in and sat down next to me. A tear streamed down my face. She hugged me tightly and said "That bitch don't know what she's talking about and happy birthday!" I looked up at her and smiled slightly. "I'm gonna do it! Today I'm gonna go audition for the X factor!" I picked up my bag and my coffee and left the shop dragging her behind me. 

         "Ok lets go!" She said and I released her arm. We walked to her car and she drove to the audition studio. I signed up and waited for 3 hours in line finally it was my turn to audition. I went up shaking and sang "I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath scared to rock the boat and make a mess..." I finished the song and smiled. The judged looked at me and the first one said "you're in! Congrats!" "Thank you thank you so much!" I said and ran out of the room smiling. I told Sydney "IM IN IM IN" and we spent the next hour packing my bag. This was the best birthday ever.

         THE NEXT DAY

           I woke up and got dressed and left without telling anyone but Sydney I was leaving. I left a note for Zack and I ran outside. I took my car and drove with Sydney all the way to the audition place again. I smiled and adjusted my hair. I hugged Sydney and left. 

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