Ingenious Clay Maker

Deidara has betrayed the Akatsuki and is now on the run, he stumbles upon an old abandon mansion, although it wasn’t as abandon as he thought. Meanwhile the Akatsuki are searching for him and to kill him for his betrayal, but they have a little trouble when Konoha gets involved and search for Deidara as well. Who or what is lurking in the mansion, who’ll get to Deidara first, will Deidara even survive this madness, read and find out XD


3. The Mansion and the Witch

N/A: This might be a short chapter so bear with it please, enjoy (^.^) Deidara lay unconscious on the ground; a figure loomed over him and began poking him with a stick. He didn’t budge or twitch a muscle. The figure tilts its head to the side and peers closely at his face. It reaches out and pokes his face lightly, but then it recoiled quickly as if it got burned and brought its hand to its chest. Its pink eyes looked at him calculatingly and its lips pulled into a frown. It stood up and looked over its shoulder. “Ryu, come and help me luggage him inside,” a feminine voice called out. A large wolf like beast emerged from the mansion and walked towards the person who called out to him, he looked at the person, whom was a girl and snarled at her. “Why don’t you do it yourself, I don’t think I want to dirty myself with a human,” growled the beast. The girl laughed humourlessly, “well I’m not going to carry him on my own, plus, I don’t want to leave him out here to die,” the woman replied. She looked down at the boy lying before her feet and back at the beast Ryu, “Plus, I have some plans with him, he could very well be useful to us,” she hinted, a sly smirk ghost on her lips. Ryu just rolled his golden eyes and looked down at the human. “What kind of usefulness can he be? He’s nothing but a weak human who doesn’t deserve to live at all,” the beast spat out. The woman’s smirk widened and she glanced at Ryu with a mischievous glint in her eyes. “He can be the ticket to all our problems,” was all she said. XXXX Itachi paced around his room impatiently, his feet scraping the hard wood he was walking on. It has been a few hours since he last see Kisame, his partner, he knew how much he loved to torture and play with his victims, but this was very unusual, he should have been back an hour ago…what was keeping him so long? Itachi narrowed his eyes slightly, his lips curled into a deep frown. A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts and he looked over at the door with a raised eyebrow. “Come in,” he said. Pein walked in and gently closed the door behind him, as if reading his thoughts he said. “I just came to see if Kisame was here, I have a mission for him but I can’t seem to find him anywhere. Might you have a clue where he would be?” He realised that Kisame hasn’t returned yet, Itachi thought. He just shook his head. “No, I was thinking the same thing though,” Said Itachi. Pein nodded. “In that case, your mission is to find him and bring him back here, if I knew better, he must have gotten way out of control killing Deidara.” Pein said, “But it isn’t like Kisame to take so long, he might enjoy the thrill of killing people, but he always came back in time for a mission of whatever. Might you know what has happened to him?” Itachi shook his head again, his frown deepened. Leader has a point, Kisame can get over distracted with torturing or killing his victims, but even then he came back in time for missions, meeting and basically everything else, Itachi thought. “When do I leave?” Itachi asked. “Now,” was all Pein said and Itachi shot out of the hideout in search for Kisame. XXXX It was a dark and empty, not a sound could be heard. Deidara looked around him. Was he dead? He had no clue. It was like he was floating in space, just a black void where you cannot reach anything but darkness. It was scary, that much Deidara could say, it was isolated, just how he felt nearly every day of his whole life. He wanted to move, but he couldn’t, he was somehow paralysed in place. He wanted to scream, or at least make some noise; the void was too quiet and shallow. But he wanted to feel he felt cold and hollow, no warmth no nothing that could reassure him that everything was alright. Then suddenly in front of him, a colourful swirl began to appear, it being bright and clear, showing an image of…a girl? The girl had tears in her eyes, and to say, her eyes were a pink colour. She repeatedly screamed and screamed to someone to wake up. Deidara raised an eyebrow. What is this, why is this place showing me it? He thought as he peered closer at the scene. His eyes slightly widened at what he saw. It was him; it was him the woman was screaming at. “Deidara, Deidara, wake up! Please!” the woman pleads and cried out. More tears slid down her face. She looked dirtied and broken. She leaned over Deidara, the one in the scene and cupped his bloodied face. “Please,” she whispered softly, “I love you,” was all she said as the colourful swirl began to disappear. Deidara stood there confused out of his mind. What the fuck was that, who the hell was that woman…why did she say she loved me? Deidara thought frantically and tried to back away, but he realised he couldn’t because he was as still as a statue. What the hell is going on! He screamed in his mind. Then a flash of white crossed his line of sight and his eyes shot opened. He shot up into a sitting position and looked around him quickly. Where was he? The room was dark, but from the looks of it, it looked like a bedroom. He then realised he was lying on a bed. He moved his hands across the silky fabric of the blanket, it felt nice. Then he heard noises come from outside the room, it was a woman’s voice…but why does the voice sound so familiar he thought, and he narrowed his blue eyes slightly and quickly stood up from the bed. He grunted out as pain coursed through his whole body. Oh that’s right, I got injured didn’t I? Deidara thought and held his bandaged chest. Someone must have taken him in and healed him; otherwise, he would still be lying outside in the cold, probably already dead. The woman’s voice came closer and closer to the room he was in. he looked around the room for any sign of cover or somewhere to hide. He spotted the cupboard and ran to it, climbing in and staying as quiet as possible. The woman opened the door and walked inside the room. She looked around with a raised eyebrow. Then she turned to the beastly wolf that was following her. “Where is he,” she asked, her voice slightly low and stern. The wolf growled at her. “How the fuck am I supposed to know, I’m not a fucking babysitter,” he roared. The woman held her hands up in mocking defences and smiled. “Calm down, don’t get your panties in a twist…oh right, you have none,” she chuckled and walked further into the room. She scanned it intently and her eyes fell upon the cupboard in the corner of the room. A twisted smirk crossed her features and she walked up to it. “Well, he must have escaped, but wait, I think it might be a girl instead,” she started. Ryu was about to question her when he realised what she was doing, so he thought he’d play along as well. “Yeah, I guess you’re right, that stinking human could very much be a girl, considering the hair style and the kinky clothes the human was wearing. Deidara listened intently from within the cupboard, and when they started talking about him being a girl, his temper began to rise. No-one and I mean no-one fucking calls me a girl, he thought angrily. He burst the cupboard doors opened and slammed into the slightly surprised woman, pushing her against the wall with his arm to her throat. “Do I looked like a fucking girl to you…huh yeah?” he growled out. The woman just looked at him blankly. That’s when Deidara noticed something…her eyes, they were pink…like in the weird dream he had. Was this the…no, impossible. Deidara shook the unwanted thought away and glared at her. “Who are you? Where am I?” he asked. The woman sighed, “Firstly, if you want to get any information from me, you’re going to have to let me go, secondly, you will treat me with respect, considering I was the one that was bothered to save your life.” She stated as she watched the blonde thinking about what she said. Deidara kept glaring at the woman, but reluctantly released her, he stood back a few to put some distance between them and he said, “Well I’m waiting,” he impatiently tapped his foot on the ground. The woman chuckled lightly, “Well someone’s having a bad day,” she said in amusement, “very well, here are your answers, my name is Risa Saku and you’re currently in my mansion. Over there,” she pointed behind him, “is my companion Ryu, so I will just warn you once, don’t ever make him angry, it’s not a pretty sight…trust me,” she said. Deidara nodded in understanding and cautiously looked behind him and back at the woman named Risa. “My names Deidara, just Deidara yeah,” he said. “And…uh, t-thank you for saving me yeah,” he said in a low voice. Risa smiled lightly and walked over to him, she grabbed his upper are and dragged him out of the room. He struggle slightly, “H-hey, what are you doing?” he squeaked out. “Well, I betting that you are hungry, so I’m going to fix you something to eat,” Risa said cheerfully. Deidara just quirked his eyebrow, this woman is very weird, he thought and let himself get dragged by the unknown woman. XXXX Itachi shot through the trees and landed to the forest ground when he reaches the destination of where he last saw Deidara and Kisame. His eyes slightly widened at what he saw in front of him. The whole clearing looked like it was blow up to smithereens, there was blood everywhere, and it was a massacre. He looked around the area and turned around abruptly to see a dead Kisame slumped to the ground covered in blood. Itachi’s eyes slightly widened, how could this happen? Kisame couldn’t have died that easily. How did Deidara do it? Itachi thought. From what he recalled, Deidara had barely the energy to stand. Itachi’s eyes narrowed slightly, his hands clenched into fist. He’ll make sure that girly fuck dies painfully when he saw him again.
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