Ingenious Clay Maker

Deidara has betrayed the Akatsuki and is now on the run, he stumbles upon an old abandon mansion, although it wasn’t as abandon as he thought. Meanwhile the Akatsuki are searching for him and to kill him for his betrayal, but they have a little trouble when Konoha gets involved and search for Deidara as well. Who or what is lurking in the mansion, who’ll get to Deidara first, will Deidara even survive this madness, read and find out XD


2. The Attack

A/N: Sorry I haven't been updating, been so busy so enjoy (>.<)

Deidara began panting heavily from running four hours straight, his lungs burned and his heart thumped loudly. He seemed to be getting nowhere, the further he runs, the closer Kisame and Itachi get. What’s going on? How are they keeping up with him? He abruptly stopped and leaned against a nearby tree and took heavy breaths. Damn it, he’s going to die if he can’t get away faster. He looked down at himself, he was all dirtied and yuck, his hair seemed to be alright but everything else wasn’t of his liking, but what could he expected? Running away from the Akatsuki, well betraying them actually, it’s not like he was going to make it out as clean as a polished tile now was he. His light blue eyes suddenly stopped at the clay pouch strapped to his thigh.

Rustling noises could be heard from the distance, he looked back in panic and back at his clay pouch. He might have no choice but to use his clay bird to get away, but from all that running, he doesn’t have much chakra left to get that far. He groaned in irritation and slumped to the forest floor. What’s the point in running now, he was going to die anyway, and there was no way in hell he could out run two Akatsuki members, especially when he’s on low chakra.

Then out of the blue a large man jumped to the forest ground right in front of him. “Well, well, well, look who we have here,” the man said and couched down to Deidara eye level. He grinned and another figure jumped from the trees. “Found him Itachi, it doesn’t look like he’ll be going anywhere soon as well heh,” the blue man said.

“I can see that Kisame,” said Itachi and walked over to them and stared down at the exhausted Deidara. “Pathetic,” he mumbled out and full on kicked him in the stomach. Deidara doubled over and coughed up a bit of blood, weakly glaring at Itachi while holding his stomach.

“So…what do we do with him now, do we just kill him or bring him back to the leader?” Kisame asked, now facing his partner who seemed to be deep in thought. I hope we get to kill this bastard instead of leader doing it; I really want to teach him a lession, thought Kisame. He eyed Itachi when he lifts his head up to look at Deidara, then he shifts his charcoal eyes at Kisame and nodded in approval that they could kill him. “Alright,” Kisame cheered and pulled out his sword.

“I’ll head back to the base and inform leader that we have successfully found Deidara and that you are currently “getting rid” of him,” Itachi said and instantly disappeared leaving Kisame to deal with the traitor Deidara.

Kisame began to chuckle darkly under his breath as he slowly turned to face the slightly quivering Deidara, who was desperately trying to back away from him, only to be prevented by a tree behind him. “Well, hm let me see…how should I kill you, quickly, or very slowly?” Kisame mumbled out, mainly to himself. He slowly pulls the bandages from his sword and tossed it to the side, showing off the glint of the blade to Deidara.

Sweat began to run down Deidara’s face, he clenched his teeth together as if it would somehow help. This was it; this was how his life was going to end, how ironic, considering he used to be a member of the Akatsuki only to get killed by one. He slightly lowered his head. He could only give up, there was no chance for him left, and he’ll just admit defeat and die a pathetic way, like how it was destined to be all along. But of course, the Deidara he once was would have never given up, he would have fought until there was no speck of energy in him, but now...all the killing and screaming had just changed him, he couldn’t bear it anymore. When he was around people, they would cower in fear or look at him with hate filled eyes. But he didn’t want them to fear him or look at him in disgust, he wanted to be around people that will smile at him and look at him with kindness and…love. His thoughts were rudely disrupted when he felt a sharp pain in his arm; he held back a cry and looked down at the source of the pain. It was Kisame’s sword that was causing it, some of the scales hooked under the skin and was slowly digging deeper and pulling the skin away.

“Wake up sunshine, don’t want you dazing out now do I,” was Kisame’s voice. Deidara glared at him, but it quickly washed away when Kisame roughly tore his sword away from his arm. Blood splattered everywhere and the skin he tore through was now hanging by little strands on the bone which could clearly be seen. Deidara screaming in agony and shot his good hand up to cover the wound, but unfortunately Kisame swung his sword again and slicing at the hand. “Now, now Deidara, your wound needs fresh air, not to be covered up by the disgusting hand of yours,” Kisame said.

Deidara clenched his teeth more tight and slowly brought his injured hand to his chest, the pain was too much; it was like someone was pouring salt into the wounds. Plus the more Kisame swung at him, the more chakra he’ll lose.  Deidara weakly looked up at Kisame, tears pricked at the corners of his eyes.

“Well, ready for another session?” Kisame asked tauntingly and held his sword up to slash at Deidara again.


Out a far from where Kisame and Deidara were, a blond headed boy jump from branch to branch with a wide grin on his face. Next to him was an annoyed looking girl with pink hair who had her fist clenched by her sides. At the back of both of them were a much taller and mature looking man with silver hair and his face covered up, except for his right eye looking bored as ever.

“Slow down Naruto, we’ll get there when we get there okay,” yelled the pink hair girl as she glared and her companion Naruto who kept running fast with every chance he got. He looked over to her and crunched his face into a frown and pouting slightly.

“But Sakura, I haven’t had Ramen in what…a week and I’m just dying to have it again, I can’t last long without Ramen you know,” whined Naruto as he clutched at his stomach when it started rumbling loudly. Sakura face palmed.

“Well, I think it would be good to get back faster, that way we can get it all over and done with and we can all merrily stroll to where ever we have to go,” chimed Kakashi lazily. Naruto and Sakura looked back at him with doubtful eyes.

“I bet you want to get back quickly so you can read that stupid porn book you carry around and read every day…what was it called, no wait, I don’t care what it’s called because it’s a stupid book,” Naruto said sarcastically, speaking the last bit out harshly. “Yeah,” Sakura agreed.

Kakashi just rubbed his head and chuckled nervously, “well you got me there heh,” then he began to sense something familiar and stopped to an abrupt halt. The other two followed and stopped as well and looked at Kakashi with questioning looks.

“What is it Sensei?” Sakura asked.

“I sense a familiar chakra somewhere, it’s quite faint so I don’t actually know who it can be, but whoever it is, he or she are slowly dying,” Kakashi said. Naruto raised a blond eyebrow and frowned.

“It could be an ally if that’s the case, do you think we should check it out?” Naruto asked. Kakashi nodded. Naruto sighed and took a deep breath, “I guess my Ramen has to wait then,” Sakura looked at him and shook her head at the knuckleheads complaining.

“Alright then, let go,” Kakashi announced.


Kisame was slowly calving at Deidara’s stomach; Deidara coughed up blood and grunted in pain, squeezing his eyes shut so he didn’t have to see the horrible sight Kisame was doing to him. He was dying, and he knew that. There was no-one to save him so no point in struggling, right.

Kisame slashed at Deidara again, more blood pooling out of the wounds inflicted on his stomach. He coughed again and spat out more blood. He face was nearly drained from colour, he looked as if he hadn’t slept or had sun in his whole life. He heard Kisame chuckling and he peered up at him with a snarl on his face. “What the fuck are you laughing about,” Deidara choked out, but it only made Kisame laugh more…well, at least he stopped ripping him into pieces.

“You look quite pathetic, like really, how could they choose such a weakling like you into Akatsuki, its utter stupidity,” Kisame said. Deidara’s eyes snapped open, he clenched his teeth together. That was one thing he would not tolerate from anyone, he cannot stand people calling him weak, he wasn’t, or so he thought he wasn’t. He looked down at himself and frowned, he was covered in blood…his blood. He was weak; he let Kisame cut him up because he was weak. He clenched his hands together, ignoring the pain in his right hand and shook violently. He couldn’t take this anymore, he really had to get out of here, and he’ll show everyone he wasn’t weak, that he wouldn’t allow himself to get killed. A new boost of energy burst within him and he looked up at Kisame who was still laugh his head off. He took the time to grab a bit of clay and hid it behind him, by then Kisame stopped and looked at him with an ugly smirk on his fishy face.

“Okay I think I had enough fun, I’ll just go and kill you now, everyone is probably wondering where I am,” Kisame said and raised his sword in the air to pierce it through Deidara’s heart. But he didn’t get the chance when Deidara threw something at him. He looked at the object and saw that it was a clay bird. His eyes widened in panic, he knew he had no time to move so all he said was, “Oh…shit,” and then the bird exploded in his face, causing him to fly back into a tree.

Deidara scrambled to him feet quickly and ripped his torn shirt off and started hastily wrapping it around his gashes. He grunted in pain but was able to successfully seal most of the wounds. He glanced over at Kisame he was struggling to get up; this was his chance to flee. He turned away and slowly reached a tree for balance and support and he slowly limped away. Blood dripped everywhere around him and his sight began to go a little fuzzy, but he shook it away and kept moving.


Twenty minutes later Kakashi, Naruto and Sakura made it to the scene and stood there shocked at what they saw. Blood was literally everywhere, covering the forest ground to the trees, it was like a massacre, then they heard rustling noise and saw a blue man emerge from the bushes. Instantly Kakashi knew who it was, “Kisame,” he whispered out.

Kisame looked over at them and growled in frustration. “Great, it’s you guys,” he muttered out and snarled at them.

“I believe so,” Kakashi replied and was prepared to fight the Akatsuki member.

“Sorry, but I have no business with you yet, I have a traitor to catch so if you’ll excuse me…” he didn’t get to finish his sentence when Kakashi appeared in front of him and slammed him into a tree.

“A traitor huh, well I wonder who this traitor is, I’m guessing you were the one spilling his guts out so would you kindly inform me on what’s happened?” Kakashi said casually.

“Why the fuck would I tell you,” Kisame growled out, trying to get out of his grip.

“Because I can easily kill you right now, whatever that traitor did, it made you a little less focus on what’s going on and I can clearly see bruisers and gashes all over you,” Kakashi stated. This made Kisame growl out in fury.

“You want answers, fine. The traitor it Deidara, but I’m not telling you why though, and all I’m doing is killing him…or was killing him,” Kisame said. “Now let me go copy ninja,” he scowled.

“Hm, I don’t think so,” was all Kakashi said before driving his kunai into his heart. Kisame screaming in agony and tried to wriggle out of the Sharingan wielders grip, it was futile  and he slowly fell limp in his arms, deep red blood seeped out of his wound and slightly onto Kakashi.

Kakashi pulled back and left his kunai in the shark man’s chest. “You know Sensei, we could of taken him into custody and interrogate him about the Akatsuki,” Sakura pointed out. Kakashi only shook his head.

“True, but there would have been no way we could have restricted him, we don’t have the equipment so it was pointless, the only option was to kill him,” Kakashi explained.

“So that blond man/chick whatever was the one that betrayed them…why?” Naruto joined in.

“I honestly don’t know, but let’s get back quickly and tell Lady Tsunade about it, if we were to capture the bomber, then that’s our answer to finding the Akatsuki,” Kakashi said and turned towards his two ex-students. “So are we ready to go?” he asked, they both nodded and left.


Out a far Deidara limped his way to the edge of the forest, or so he thought, he was almost drain out of nothing and his legs began to violently tremble on him. His breath became heavy. His whole body was slick with sweat and blood. He was on the verge of collapsing but he kept calm and kept moving. Once he reached the opening he fell to the ground, he weakly looked up and saw a tall building out in the distance, it look more like a mansion than anything else. He weakly outstretched his arm in front of him and mumbled out “help,” before falling into complete darkness.

Within one of the dark windows of the house, flashing pink eyes peered down at the fallen figure, a smirk played on its face and the glowing eyes slowly faded back into the depths of the room, a soft soothing chuckle ringing though the whole mansion.

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