Ingenious Clay Maker

Deidara has betrayed the Akatsuki and is now on the run, he stumbles upon an old abandon mansion, although it wasn’t as abandon as he thought. Meanwhile the Akatsuki are searching for him and to kill him for his betrayal, but they have a little trouble when Konoha gets involved and search for Deidara as well. Who or what is lurking in the mansion, who’ll get to Deidara first, will Deidara even survive this madness, read and find out XD


1. Betrayal

Deidara sat bored out of his mind in a meeting with all the members and the Akatsuki; Tobi sat to one side of him, while Kakuzu sat on the other. He really did hate meetings and he was in no mood to discuss things either. Before this meeting happened he was on an important mission, you could say like an assassination mission. Well, he gotten news that he had to kill a woman who somehow new about them and had to be killed, he was very uneasy about the idea of killing women, men he could cope with but women and children are something he could not bring himself to do. Why couldn’t his leader send Itachi and Kisame to do it, they would gladly do it, but no, he had to assign him to do it. So moving on, he was sent to the Hidden Mist Village where the woman was. It was quite hard trying to find her; he searched high and low and even asked people if they knew her or where she lived. But luck was not on his side as everyone turned him down and not a single sign of the woman could be found anywhere. He was on the brink to giving up until a little ray of hope came into view and he saw the woman perched on a rock beside a little stream. She had her hand in the water just swaying it left to right, a gentle smile graced her lips and her ashen eyes sparkled with the beams of sunlight.

Deidara slightly turned away from the scene, he could not face the woman whom he was about to kill. He had to take a moment before proceeding to get this mission over and done with. He turned back around and swiftly walked over to the woman, she seemed to be oblivious that he was ever there as she kept her attention at the water and continuously moving her hand from side to side. Deidara approached her and was right behind her, if he bent his knees slight, he would be able to touch her. He gulps inwardly and silently took out his kunai.

Unfortunately, the woman heard the kunai sheath out of its holder and she whipped around and stared in horror at Deidara holding the kunai at her. She scrambled away from him and to the edge of the stream, she shook violently and tears began to fill her eyes, “please don’t kill me, I swear I won’t tell anyone,” she plead, the tears now pouring down her slightly thin face. She knew who it was in front of her, it was an Akatsuki member, and she knew why he was here…to kill her.

Deidara stared down in pity at the woman quivering before him, her eyes permanently printed in his mind. Her eyes, they were lit with fear and building up sadness, but there was also a slight hint of anger? Yes, the woman looked at him with pure hatred, which wouldn’t. The organisation call Akatsuki is the most feared and hated in the world, but nonetheless people hide from them in order to stay safe, mostly the ones that know too much about them, they were the unfortunate just like this one.

Deidara said nothing and desperately tried ignoring the mumbling pleas that came out of the woman’s mouth. He slowly dragged his feet across the ground toward the trembling woman who etched further away from him and slightly into the water. She stopped when she was about thigh deep in the water and which giving Deidara a chance to come closer and finish the damn mission.

“Please,” the woman began to beg again, “don’t kill me…I-I’ll do whatever you want,” she cried out. She was stood frozen in place, petrified when Deidara held his kunai up to slash at the woman’s throat, she quickly closed her eyes and slightly shielded herself from the attack, but nothing happened, no agonizing pain, no nothing. She cracked her eyes open and saw Deidara hesitate slightly.

Deidara inwardly shook, he couldn’t do it, and he couldn’t kill such an innocent person. It wasn’t in his blood, yes he might have blown up quite a lot of buildings in the past, but it isn’t the same as killing a woman standing right in front of you. But if he didn’t do it, then leader would get angry and severely punish him for not completing the mission, and of course he didn’t want that. He looked up at the woman with apologetic eyes and lunged at her and sliced her throat opened. A piercing scream echoed thought the forest, but could not be heard at all from the villagers as they were too far away to hear.

The woman fell lifeless into the water, blood began to soak and colour the water red. Deidara turned away slightly from the scene, water prickled at the corners of his eyes. God how he hated doing stuff like this, they don’t deserve this, they deserved better.

Then another screaming came from behind Deidara and he whipped around and saw a little kid standing by the edge of the stream, eyes wide and filled with horror. “Mummy,” the kid called out quietly, not meaning for Deidara to hear. Then he rushed over to the body now floating on top of the water’s surface still as a statue. He wore ragged clothes and his hair was dark brown and sticking out in very awkward places. He grabbed the corpse of his mother and held her in his arms, and then he turned his gaze to Deidara. “Why, how could you do such a thing?” the boy sobbed and clutched his dead mother tightly.

Deidara could only look on in shock, his mouth slightly agape. Not only did he kill an innocent woman, but a woman with a young child that supposedly saw everything that happened. His hands shook and he dropped that kunai from his hands. He couldn’t stay here any longer; he had to get out of here. It was too much. He backed away slowly, tripping a bit on the slippery rocks in the water. Once he reached dry ground, he turned and bolted away, small droplets of water springing out of his eyes. He could still hear the child screaming and wailing in sorrow from the death of his mother, and it hurt him inside to know that he had just taken the life of an innocent woman who had a kid and now the kid is all alone and has nothing but a dead corpse in his arms. His eyes shut tightly and forced the tears down as much as he could. He hated this life.

So now he’s sitting there in a bad mood like always, he just wished he wasn’t there at all, he didn’t want to kill, he wanted something besides that, something where he was free and could do what he wants, when he wants. Every time he took the life of an innocent person, he was sit in his room for two to three days straight just thinking of the horrible deed he had done and just cry, yes, he cried,  and he wasn’t ashamed of it either. You think the Akatsuki’s wouldn’t care if they slaughtered heaps of people, you would think they were ruthless and cruel and didn’t care about a damn thing…but honestly, their wrong, their all wrong, because even if the Akatsuki members are cruel and merciless, their still human and still have emotion.

Deidara looked up at everyone, they were all laughing at some stupid thing Tobi did, except Itachi, Kakuzu, Konan and Pein. They were happy, none were aware of the horrible things they have done, they all didn’t have a care in the world, they just put the past behind them so casually like it haven’t happened at all. How do they do it? They make it look so easy, but it’s…difficult. Deidara sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, no-one understands what he’s going through, don’t think they would anyway.

“Is something the matter Deidara?” A deep voice spoke out to him causing Deidara to startle a bit and look up. Pein stood there with one eyebrow raised, his arms folded over his chest and patiently waiting for him to answer.

“No, nothing’s wrong, I guess I’m just a little stressed that’s all,” it was partly true, he has always been stress, but he was easy at hiding it, but today wasn’t like those days, he truly was stressed out. He couldn’t just say to everyone that he was stressing over a woman he had murdered, and so happened to have done it in front of a child too. They would laugh at him and tell him to get over it, they would never understand.

Pein narrowed his eyes slightly at Deidara’s reply; there was more than just stress he was in. A little twinge of distrust rose inside him. He knew in a way Deidara was hiding something from him, he didn’t like any of his Akatsuki members hiding stuff from him, but what damage could Deidara do? It’s not like he’s powerful than most of the Akatsuki here, so he shouldn’t be much of a threat. But still, something is telling him that something wasn’t right, and he would get to the bottom of it sooner or later.

“You’re all dismissed,” Pein said suddenly and took his leave with Konan trailing behind him. Everyone looked at him go with slight confusing, but quickly shrugged it off and proceed to leave themselves. Deidara was the last to walk out of the room; Tobi politely waited for him and started bouncing about and talking gibberish about something. But he stopped when he saw the depressed look on Deidara’s angelic face.

“Deidara Sempai, is something wrong, Tobi will help you if you need anything because Tobi’s a good boy,” Tobi said and jumped in front of him, his mask beaming up at Deidara.

Deidara’s lips twisted into a snarl and he roughly pushed Tobi away, “Go away, I don’t have time for your silly behaviours yeah,” was all he said before storming off towards his room. Once he did reach his room, he walked in and slammed the door shut and collapsed on his bed. Why does life hate him so much, why did it force him into such a stinking organization called Akatsuki? He never wanted to be here in the first place, it was all that stupid Uchiha’s fault that he’s suck here and that everyone in the whole damn world hates him. He groaned loudly in frustration and dug his head into his pillow.

If only he had a choice of his own, he would do anything to get out of here, to see the world other than destruction. All his life he’s been here is kill this and kill that, or kidnap this and destroy that. He was sick of it, he didn’t want it anymore, and sure it was fun and exciting at the start. But now…all he wanted was a normal life where there’s no killing involved what-so-ever, and that he could be happy. He rolled onto his back and faced the ceiling with a deep frown plastered on his face.

Suddenly it clicked to him, he didn’t have to be here, there was no-one stopping him. He could easily slip past them and run for it, he could escape this mad house and find a new place to live. Although, he would have to change his appearance and his name, but at least he can do what he wanted with no-one ordering him around like a slave. He sat up quickly and bolted for his closet, grabbing a bag along the way and shoving as much stuff as his could in the bag, but only the important stuff though. Once and a while he would reluctantly flick his long blond fringe out of his face to see what he was doing, but it soon started irritating him so he clipped his fringe back to see what he was doing properly.

He knew he was taking a big risk, a risk that would most likely kill him, but what has he got to lose, it’s better to try than not try, right? Once he finished, he slung the bag over his shoulders and walked up to the door. He opened it a little and poked his head out of the entrance to see if the hallways were empty, he then expand his chakra to sense if anyone was nearby, to his luck there was not a soul anywhere. He slowly and quietly opened the door fully and crept through the hallways. Why didn’t he think of this before? Oh well, now was his chance.

He looked around him in caution, stilled at every slight noise he heard and proceeded once it was gone. It was a little dark and quite hard for him to see, but in a way he managed and kept at his own pace. He was slightly thankful that he was patient, not like his old partner Sasori who was a very impatient guy, or should he say puppet.

He was nearly at the front entrance of the Akatsuki hideout when suddenly Tobi appeared in front of him and tackled him to the ground. “Deidara Sempai, where are yo-” Tobi was cut off when Deidara placed his hand under his mask and over his mouth.

“Shut up Tobi yeah,” Deidara whispered harshly and slowly uncover Tobi’s mouth. He shoved Tobi off of him and stood up and dusted imaginary dirt away from his cloak. “If you meaning to know, I’m just heading off on another mission that’s all, so go to fucking bed,” Deidara said quietly and pointed down the hallways opposite of him.

“But why isn’t Tobi coming?” Tobi asked a tint of disappointment could be heard in his voice.

“Because this is a solo mission now go back to your room so I can leave yeah,” Deidara replied and ushered Tobi the other way, but it certainly wasn’t working as Tobi rounded him and latched onto his arm with utter most determination. Deidara sweat-dropped at this, he didn’t have time for this, soon someone will come and his chances of escaping would become slim and he would die because he lied and pretended he was going on a mission. He couldn’t risk that at all. He stared at Tobi with the utter most hatred he could muster and forcefully pushed him away.

Tobi stumbled back and fell flat on his butt; he looked up to find that Deidara has disappeared.

Deidara ran full speed out of the Akatsuki hideout and into the forest; he made sure he masked his chakra so no-one could sense him. Once he was at a safe distance he kneed onto the ground panting heavily. He did it, he escaped the Akatsuki and now he’s free, well, not safely free, but still free. He breathed in the fresh mid-night air like if it was the first time in ages. A smile graced his lips and he leaned back to look up at the sky. He never felt so alive in a long time, and he was proud of it.

He looked around him and then his light mood slightly dwindled. Great, where was he supposed to go from here, he can’t exactly stroll into a village and expect everyone to welcome him with open arms. Great, maybe he should have thought this through before taking action, but what can you expect, he wasn’t the type of guy to plan things out. He slowly stood up and stretched, oh well, the main thing is that he’s out and away from that retched place.

He suddenly began unbuttoning his Akatsuki cloak, the more buttons he undone, the more relieved he felt. Once the cloak was fully unbuttoned he shrugged it off and it cascaded to the forest floor, pooling around his feet, then he yanked the ring off his finger that made him an official member of the Akatsuki and threw it to the ground with the cloak. Okay, this was the start of a new beginning for him; although, he would have to be very careful not to get caught by the Akatsuki or they was have his head for sure.

Suddenly his heart began to thump loudly as he heard Kisame’s voice. Oh no, they already suspected something and are now looking for him. His blue eyes widened in realisation…Tobi, that brat must have asked leader why he was going on a mission without him and leader must have found out that he was actually escaping. Damn it, damn it all to hell. His teeth clenched together and he began running as fast as he could away from the voices that now sound like an echo. He wasn’t ready to die yet, not yet; he wanted to be able to live a normal life first. His eyes narrowed in determination, his lips pressed in a straight line. This is why he was betraying the Akatsuki, to be free.

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