Last First Kiss (Zayn Fanfiction)

17 year old Courtney Bieber (Justin Biebers sister) meets One Direction thanks to her brother. Could she end up catching the eye of Zayn Javadd Malik or will it end up a disaster?


1. Intro

Hi, I'm Courtney Bieber (Yes I'm Justin Drew Bieber's sister and no I haven't met anyone famous cause I don't even get to see Justin, I miss him) I'm 17, going to be 18 tomorrow. I have brown curly hair and brown hair, I love One Direction (Zayn is my favorite if I had to choose, but I love all of them) and Ed Sheeran, but not as much as my bro. Since my mom and dad are divorced I live with my mom. I love to sing and people say I'm amaZAYN, but I don't believe it. My best friends are Lindsy and Hayley but Lindsy moved. I lost contact with her so all I have is my mom, Hayley, and rarely Justin. Well that's me (Hayley is Ryan Butlers sister, who is Justin's best friend) so I call her 'my butler' lol. Oh and I also live in Florida.

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