Last First Kiss (Zayn Fanfiction)

17 year old Courtney Bieber (Justin Biebers sister) meets One Direction thanks to her brother. Could she end up catching the eye of Zayn Javadd Malik or will it end up a disaster?


7. Chapter 7

*Courtney's P.O.V.*

I try opening my eyes but I cant. All I see is darkness and I can hear a weird beeping noise and people rushing in out of the room. Where am I? What happ....oh that's right! I got hit by a blooding fucking truck! I try moving but holymofoingshitfacemofo it firetrucking hurts so much! I let a scream, but I'm still asleep. Strange right?

*Lindsy's P.O.V*

We are all sitting in the waiting room well.......waiting for the doctor. We all were crying but me, Ed, Justin, and Zayn all are having the worst of it. Harry is crying but comforting everyone but he mostly comes to me? I don't know why though but he's cute. WTF!? Lindsy stop you don't even him and all. Finally a doctor/nurse comes out. "Are you all here for Courtney Bieber?" She asks. We all jump up but as she sees the boys she screams. "OMG! OMG! Y-Y-Y-Your One D-D-Direction!". The boys roll their eyes and look like they're about to scream. " Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, now shut up and tell us about Courtney god damn it." I say. Everyone looks at me shocked. "Hey we were all thinking it!" I defended myself while everyone laughs. "Ok, so Courtney has her left leg and right arm broken, along with her ribs which both are broken. She is asleep, she could wake up anything. She screamed in pain while she was asleep so that is a good sign of her waking up sooner. You can see her, but I suggest 4 at the most at a time." the Nurse says. "Thank you." we all say. "Who's going first?" Niall asks. "Lindsy and Ed should." Justin says. I didn't even question him either did Ed because we wanted to see Courtney. Me and Ed slowly and quietly open the door to see her hooked up to wires with a cast on her arm and leg, with stuff around her rib. Me and Ed walk over to her and sit on opposite sides of Courtney. Ed is just looking at her like he is about to cry with me who was already crying.

*Ed's P.O.V*

Just seeing Courtney right here is heart breaking. She is so innocent. She looks so so so broken. Next thing I know I'm crying with Lindsy. The thing that sucks even though this all sucks is that it's Courtney's 18th birthday. She's supposed to be at her party instead of here. "Please wake up." I say holding her tiny fragile hand. "Please, we  all need you." Lindsy and I just sit there for 5 more sad minutes until Niall, Louis, Harry, and Liam knock on the door. Lindsy gives her a small hug and walks to the door while I give Courtney a sad smile, a small hug, and a light kiss on her forehead and cheek. Me and Lindsy leave the room letting the boys in and walk to Justin and Zayn.



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