Last First Kiss (Zayn Fanfiction)

17 year old Courtney Bieber (Justin Biebers sister) meets One Direction thanks to her brother. Could she end up catching the eye of Zayn Javadd Malik or will it end up a disaster?


6. Chapter 6

*Courtney's P.O.V.*

I go upstairs to go ready considering I slept in sweats and Justin's shirt he let me wear. I brush my hair then I go to my bathroom and shower. After my shower I put a towel around me and on my head for my hair. I walk to my closet to look for the perfect outfit. After about 2 minutes of looking, I found the perfect strapless high-low dress. The chest area is black while the rest flows down with a sky blue color. I put the dress on my bed and take my towel off when my door opens. "AHHHHHHH!" me and an Irish voice screamed. Niall. "NIALL!!!!" I scream. "IM NO LONGER INNOCENT!!!! IM NO LONGER INNOCENT!!!!" he screams running around my room with his eyes closed. "NIALL GET OUT!!" I yell. "I'm sorry I though this was the bathroom!" he said while leaving. Oh my little Irish leprechaun you were so innocent, not any more. Well after that....umm.... awkward moment, I put my dress on and went to my closet to look for shoes. I finally found my pair of black and white low cut converse sneakers. (A/N: If someone some how gets me to wear a dress, I choose the shoes. No way am I wearing flats or heals. Don't judge.) I go to my dresser and put on my infinity necklace. Then I go to my bathroom to curl my hair and put make-up on. (A/N: I hate make-up, I believe everyone is beautiful without it.) I finish getting ready and go on my bed and get on twitter. Wow the lads are following me and tweeted 'Happy Birthday' to me, how sweet. I get my phone then walk down stairs. As soon as I walk down stairs all the boys stop what they're doing and stare at me with mouths open. Ok now I'm starting to feel self-conscious, and school doesn't help with that because I get bullied. People call me ugly, fat, worthless, and a bitch. As I stand there I try to cover more of the top of me and look down. I look up when I hear Niall say "Courtney...." "You look....." Justin says. "Ugly I know." I say quietly looking down hoping they didn't hear, but they did. All of a sudden I feel two fingers on my chin making me look up. With that I end up looking right at Zayn. Wow I love his eyes and um he's really close, awkward. Damn butterfly's go away. "No, you look absolutely beautiful." he says while I look down and blush. "Love, why do you think your ugly?" Liam asks. I look up and notice Zayn is holding my shoulders. All the boys looked confused and Justin looks like he was going to cry. I'm not only that notice, Liam noticed too. "I um... I um...... I gotta go." I say running out of the room about to cry. I run out of the house crying then I see Ed (Ed Sheeran; her best friend that is a guy) and Lindsy. Omg I haven't seen Lindsy since Justin left. She was on the same plane as him. I haven't seen Ed since last year. I'm still crying but I run across the street to them. When I start to run across I hear Ed and Lindsy scream " DONT GO ACROSS!!!!" But it was too late when a big truck hit me. All I hear is screaming and crying before it all goes black.


*Liam's P.O.V*

Zayn and Niall go and run after Courtney. Wow. After what Courtney said about being ugly Justin looked like he was about to cry. I think I should see whats up. "Hey Justin, why do you seem upset?" I ask. Me, Harry, and Louis all sit around Justin. "Well. Um. She's growing up so fast." He says. "Justin we know that's half the truth." Haz says. "Promise you won't hate me?" Justin asks. "We promise mate." We all say. "Well when were in school it was me, her, Ed, and her friend Lindsy. Well it was those three together not me." He says. "Why not you?" Lou asks. "Well Courtney........Courtney was.... bullied, and I was the most popular student. I saw everything happen but I did nothing. People called her names such as fat, ugly, worthless, bitch, whore, slut, you name it. People hurt her emotionally and physically. They... th-th-they h-hit h-her and k-k-kicked h-her. Not just the g-girls but g-guys t-too and I just watched. I did nothing, I said nothing. The only person who helped her and s-saved h-her was Ed." "Woah, what do you mean 'Save her' Justin?" I ask. Justin was crying a lot by now with us around him comforting him. " One day it was so bad and I knew she knew that I knew cause I was watching and she was yelling 'Justin help me' while crying, but I just acted like I didn't hear or see anything, but she knew it wasn't true. So after school she wouldn't take a ride from anyone not even Ed and she always went with him if she was upset or anything. She shut herself off from the world, and wanted to leave Earth. SO since Ed was like family he had a key to the house. So he got to the house before her and waited in her room. When she got home she went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. E-E-Ed h-h-heard c-crying s-so h-he w-w-went downstairs a-and saw h-her a-a-about t-to s-s-stab h-h-herself. I-I-If I w-w-would h-h-have s-stopped people a-at s-school n-none o-of that w-w-would o-of h-h-happened. S-S-So the next day at school Ed had her ride in his car to school, but had her stay in it. Ed came in got his and hers work, told me what happened then punched me which I deserved. Then he punched all the guys who hurt her and yelled at the girls. He got him-self suspended for her. He was always more of a brother to her then me. She never hated me she was just upset. But after me and Lindsy left he took care of her for me not like he didn't already then he had to leave. Then I... I don't know what happened then. And I'm  just happy she has only 2 weeks of school left." After Justin finished we all were crying. Then Zayn and Niall come running in crying. "Zayn, Niall what's wrong?" Harry asks. "C-C-C-C-COURT-COURT-COURT-C-COURTNEY!" They started crying again. We all get up and run out the door and down the street to see and ambulance and Ed and a girl over someone crying. Ed is holding the girl that was on the ground. IT'S COURTNEY!!!! We all run over crying. They put her in the ambulance and only let Justin, Ed, and Lindsy I'm guessing go with Courtney. We all pile in Harry's car with Zayn and me yelling and crying for him to go faster. Everyone is crying in the car when we get to the hospital we see Justin. We all run and cry together with him.


Hey guys I'm sorry for the late updated I have been busy with school, hanging with my friends, bf, and a bunch of crap. I'm really truly, madly, deeply sorry (see what I did there, hahaha ya no ok) I will try to update more and more often plz don't lose hope and plz be patient with me. Thank you. Love ya my lil' Oreo mofo's!

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