Last First Kiss (Zayn Fanfiction)

17 year old Courtney Bieber (Justin Biebers sister) meets One Direction thanks to her brother. Could she end up catching the eye of Zayn Javadd Malik or will it end up a disaster?


5. Chapter 5

*Zayn's P.O.V*

We finally arrived at Justin's house. Liam goes to the door and knocks. "Hey guys." Justin says when he opens the door. "Hey" we all say. "Courtney's sleeping so I'll go wake her up." Bieb's states. "Can I?" I ask with an evil smirk on my face. "Ok" Justin laughs. I walk upstairs and go to her room. I open the door quietly and tip toe to her bed. I jump on top of her and yelled "GET UP!" "No" she groaned. I picked her up and put her over my shoulder and ran around the house. "HELP!" She screamed while I'm laughing. "Zayn put me down! HELP!" "Never in a billion years, love." I say. "No need to worry Superman is here to save you!" Louis shouted chasing us well me. "And Batman!" Liam yelled running with Louis. "Alright I give up." I say putting her down. "Thank you Zayn." She said then hugged me. I looked down shocked then smiled, and hugged her back. She was shorter then me so I placed my chin on top of her head. She looked up at me then blushed. Awwwwwww she's so cute. Wait what? Ok fine I have a little crush on her. "Um I better go get dressed for the party." She said with that she left. "Aww someone has a crush on my sis." Justin says in a baby voice while grinning. "Shut it" I say smacking his arm. "I'm ok with you going out with her but I promise you, if you hurt her I will kill you Malik." He said in a serous tone I have never heard him use. " I would never as long as I live hurt her." I say 

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