Last First Kiss (Zayn Fanfiction)

17 year old Courtney Bieber (Justin Biebers sister) meets One Direction thanks to her brother. Could she end up catching the eye of Zayn Javadd Malik or will it end up a disaster?


4. Chapter 4

We all just sit around talking and laughing. Im still embarrassed they heard me singing and saw me dancing. "Courtney time to go home." Justin says. "Ok." We all hug and say goodbye oh and trade numbers. I GOT ONE DIRECTIONS NUMBERS! Holy fudge monkey! Me and Justin walk back to his car. "Thank you Justin, you are the best brother ever. I love you." he smiles at me "Love you too baby Biebs." he said. We pull up at our house and I go to my room and fall asleep till my party.

*Liams P.O.V*

Wow she is an amazing singer. And she's pretty, funny, and nice. But I think Zayn likes her so Ima back off.

*Zayns P.O.V*

We arrive at our flat when Justin texts me.

From J. Biebs: Be here in an hour. Courtney doesn't know you guys are coming to the party and don't forget Ed. See ya bro.

To J. Biebs: Got it I will tell the boys. See ya soon mate.

"Boys we need to be there in an hour. Harry text Ed and tell him!" I yelled. We all get ready and take showers.

*30 minutes later*

Me and the boys are done and are sitting in the living room till we leave. "Harry where's Ed its almost time to go?" Liam asks "I don't know, let me call him." Haz says. Harry walks out of the room and we all sit here quiet till he comes back. "Ed said he is going to be late so I gave him the address." "Alright" we all say. "So guys what do you all think of her?" Haz asks. "She's cool." Niall states. "She's nice." Louis said. "Funny." Liam says "Pretty" Harry says "Herself." I say. We all agree with what everyone says

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