Last First Kiss (Zayn Fanfiction)

17 year old Courtney Bieber (Justin Biebers sister) meets One Direction thanks to her brother. Could she end up catching the eye of Zayn Javadd Malik or will it end up a disaster?


2. Chapter 2

                                                  *Courtneys P.O.V*

Well tomorrow is my 18th birthday. I wish Justin was here, he missed my last two birthdays and now this one. I guess that's business. My mom is at the store so its just me and Hayley. *knock, knock, knock* Me and Hayley get up and go to the front door. Hayley looks out the window before I could and says go open the door. "Justin!" I screamed tears of joy while hugging him. "You didn't think I was coming did you?" "No I didn't with work and all" I say looking down. He lifts my chin up to look at him "Listen lil' sis I miss you more than you think, I wouldn't miss your 18th birthday for the world. I tried to be here for your 16th and 17th but I couldn't I tried everything I love you lil' Biebs." "I love you too bro" After awhile we all sat and talked, watched movies, then when mom came home we all ate and went to bed.

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