Ash has waited for this day longer than she thought. Growing up Ash was in love with One Direction. Deep down she knew that meeting them was never gonna happen. Forty three years later, on a simple Sunday morning, she's shocked to meet a man who was a big part of her life for nine years.

~Hey, I know I'm not the best writer in the world, but one day this idea popped in my head. It'd make my day if you read it. Xx Amy


2. Chapter 2

Looking at the chilly wind whistle through the branches, on this Sunday morning really made me crave a chai tea. Amber from That Coffee Place would be expecting me soon. I do come in every Sunday at ten. 

On my way to That Coffee Place, I saw an older gentleman about my age holding his wife's hand, and gazing into her eyes. How depressing this is for me, just what I wanted another reminder of how alone I am. 

"Ashley!" My eyes go straight to Amber calling my name. 

"Hey Amb."

"Chai Tea to go right?"

"Actually I'll have it here and a chocolate donut. I just saw something rather depressing."  I reply.

" Do you want to talk about it?"


"Okay well, here's your tea and donut!"

"Thanks sweetie." I say as I grab the food from her. 

I settle my big ole grandma booty in the only empty table left. 

Just as I was about to get up, I hear someone say; "Excuse me ma'm but is anyone sitting here?" 

When I look up I see the prettiest hazel eyes starring at me, pointing at the empty chair by me. I'm in a bit of owe. This man had to be my age. His hair was brown with gray throughout it, cut short. A bit chubby but not bad for an old fart. 

"I guess that's a no..." He says and starts to walk away.

" Wait! No, sorry" I shout after him.

He turns around and sits in the chair across from me. "Hi, I didn't mean to bother you. You just seemed lonely." 

"It's fine." 

"What's your name?"

"Ashley, but I prefer to go by Ash."

"Ash,I like it. I'm Harry." 

Now that I think about it, he looks a lot like Harry Styles. I laugh at the thought of being with my teen obsession. 

"What?" He says.

"Nothing, you just look like Harry Styles."

He starts to join in on laughing. Then he says "Well I'm glad, because I am."

Uh what. 

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