Ash has waited for this day longer than she thought. Growing up Ash was in love with One Direction. Deep down she knew that meeting them was never gonna happen. Forty three years later, on a simple Sunday morning, she's shocked to meet a man who was a big part of her life for nine years.

~Hey, I know I'm not the best writer in the world, but one day this idea popped in my head. It'd make my day if you read it. Xx Amy


1. Chapter 1

I'm a ninety year old woman, and twenty years ago I found love. This is my story.


"Grandma Ash!" I look over to see my beautiful seventeen year old granddaughter starring at me.

"Yes Emily?" I reply.

"Have you ever been obsessed with any celebrities as a teen?"

When she asked me that my mind suddenly went through all the memories of staying up late on the old laptop, creeping on Twitter, watching GIF's on Tumblr all just for a boy band I've never meet.

"Grandma!" Emily interrupts my train of thought. 

"Sorry, but yes. There's a boy band called One Direction. Very popular back in the day. They are  around my age now. In their seventies."

"How'd you ever get over them?" 

I chuckle at the thought, "oh sweetie..I didn't." 

"Great. How am I suppose to get over Zadar Smith!?!" 


Ever since Emily brought up the subject of celebrities, I can't get One Direction of my mind, They were my friends and I's obsession. I spent nine years of my life obsessing over them. Then I met Mike, I was in love. We had a beautiful girl named Elizabeth. Mike stayed around for twelve years, then he left Elizabeth and I, for a skinner,prettier,younger girl.

Elizabeth is my best friend, and I'm hers. She found love at sixteen and got married to Luke at twenty. They had blessed with me the best grand daughter.

When Mike left, I didn't get over it for awhile. I never found another man, sometimes i wish I did, so Elizabeth could have had a dad. A few years after Mike left, I moved Elizabeth and I to England for a fresh start. 

Now I live by myself and I go through the same routine everyday.

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