Lauren is being beaten up by her mother when she does anything against her rules. In school, her life isn't any different. A biology experiment was coming up and every student in her class will get paired up with someone. They had to move into their partner's flat for a week. She hoped it wouldn't be Harry, her main bully. Well, she wasn't very lucky. Will they get along over this week?
Lauren has always loved singing, but one of her mom's rules stated 'No singing in the house'. One day she gets sick of all the torture at home and at school so she decides to sign up for The X-Factor. Her bad luck brings her to Harry while waiting on line. What is he doing there? Well, later on Harry's being formed in a group. They had to perform together. Not too bad. She slowly started falling for one of the members. Louis Tomlinson. Basically, the only person who was able to make her smile, UNTIL the jealousness of TWO other guys began changing the story ...


23. Ch.23

"Lauren, where are you goin?" Niall asked as I was exiting the floor. I got nervous not knowing what to make up as my answer. I glanced around as if he wasn't talking to me. I think he realized something was going on, but I remained quiet. "I-I, um I pressed the wrong button, and that's why I'm on that floor," I lied. He raised an eyebrow, and glared at me as if he was searching for the truth. 

"That wasn't my question, but okay. I gotta go, see you later." Niall disappeared. I sighed, and continued on my way to the studio. 

Was it the wrong thing? I think it was. My feelings are messed up now, and I don't know what to do. I need help. I need a friend to lean on, but I was left with no other than Dana. I don't think she will help much, but it's worth to try. I hope she passes away so I can cry my eyes out in peace. 

Just thinking about it. Jesus. What have I turned into? Something different, or something I never knew I was? 


I took a shower. Felt fresh, and cleaned. I was glad that my mind was in peace at least for twenty minutes. I needed it.


Guys sorry for the short, and small update, but I needed to read through the story, and remind myself of what's going on XD funny I know I forgot how to write, and it took my a while to get used to the keyboard again.. i have a busy life, and i think imma start a diary or something to share stuff with you my dears .. love u and be patient for the next update 

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