Lauren is being beaten up by her mother when she does anything against her rules. In school, her life isn't any different. A biology experiment was coming up and every student in her class will get paired up with someone. They had to move into their partner's flat for a week. She hoped it wouldn't be Harry, her main bully. Well, she wasn't very lucky. Will they get along over this week?
Lauren has always loved singing, but one of her mom's rules stated 'No singing in the house'. One day she gets sick of all the torture at home and at school so she decides to sign up for The X-Factor. Her bad luck brings her to Harry while waiting on line. What is he doing there? Well, later on Harry's being formed in a group. They had to perform together. Not too bad. She slowly started falling for one of the members. Louis Tomlinson. Basically, the only person who was able to make her smile, UNTIL the jealousness of TWO other guys began changing the story ...


18. Ch.18

The very first rehearsal ended at 10pm, and I was tired as hell. I was walking, with Niall to my room, because Louis decided to stay at Veronica's room party, and I was kind of scared.

"Oh god, Lauren, your floor is so creepy. I'll tell Louis to come back soon, because you never know what's going to happen," Niall said.

"Don't freak me out even more Nialler. But you are right. Imagine me being cut into pieces at 3am by the neighbor," I agreed.

"Neighbor?" He questioned.

"Exactly. The ghost might be right behind us, but we don't realize it." Niall's eyes widened, and he started looking around intensely. I laughed at his expression, but I wasn't any less scared.

"I don't think I wanna go to that party anymore. I'm scared to walk alone over there," he said. I thought for a moment. Niall is my friend, and I should go to that party with him, because I understand him. It's a good idea, I don't want to stay all alone in that room.

"I'll come to the party with you. Let's go back. I don't feel like staying alone anyways," I suggested. He nodded, and we turned around heading back to the party. "Run?"


We started running, and the moment we exited the floor, we stopped the catch our breath. Me, and Niall walked over to the party, and knocked on the door. About a minute after, Dana opened it with a cup of beer in her hand. She took a big sip, and opened the door wider so we can go in. Drunk.

"Hey look who's here. The scary cat, Lauren." Patricia yelled out, pointing the attention towards me. Harry laughed out loud. What? Why? I looked down trying to fight the tears back, but I couldn't. I ran out of the room as fast as possible, tears rolling down my cheeks.

"Lauren, wait." I heard Niall yell after me. I stopped and accidentally hit my hand on the corner of the wall. I cried out loud in pain. "Why Niall? Why is he like that?" I asked making no sense to Niall.

"It's okay Lauren. Stop crying."

"No! Nothing is okay." I held onto my hand as I felt it bleeding. "Come with me Lauren," Niall said, and pulled me off the ground. He led me to his room, and opened the door. I sat on the bed still holding on to my hand, as I saw Niall bring some towels, and water from the bathroom. He cleaned it, and looked deeply into my eyes. I looked away nervously, even though I love the way his eyes shine under the light.

"Is your hand still hurting?" He asked. I shook my head, and wiped a tear. "Don't cry. It's not worth it."

"I know, but you can't control it, Niall. Why is he doing this to me? Again," I asked my self staring at the wall. I didn't expect Niall to say anything since, he doesn't know anything, and I want it that way. I told Louis, and I think it was okay for me to tell somebody, but I can't share this secret with everyone. Even Niall.

"He? I though that Patricia was the one who hurt you. Wasn't she the one who yelled out?" Niall seemed confused, and I totally knew why.

"Yeah.. ugh, yeah she was," I murmured trying to keep my mouth shut. Niall sat next to me, and rubbed my cheek. Ugh, is he trying to make me melt in his hands and tell him everything? The minute I thought that he was going to ask me what happened, something else happened. Something I would regret. And I doubt that if Louis saw us, he would've punched Niall as hard as possible.

Niall slowly placed his lips on mine, as we began kissing more intensely, but I stopped. I slowly pushed his hand off of my face, and stood up. "Not now Niall," I said, and walked out of the room. He didn't follow me this time.

As I was about to get on the elevator, I saw Harry wandering around. I pressed the button, and walked in. The doors began closing, but somebody stopped them from completely. "Harry?"

The elevator started moving, as Harry stood beside me. "Lauren." Was all he said.

"What? What do you want? Isn't Patricia waiting for you? Better go get her," I roughly said. The elevator instantly stopped moving. I glanced around, and noticed that Harry had pressed the emergency button. He blocked me by placing his hands above my head, and standing right in front of me. I fought for my release, but he was way stronger than me.

"Let me go, you asshole."

"Not until you listen to me, and you answer me," He simply said. I stopped fighting.

"Do you have a thing with Louis?" He asked. I didn't answer.

"Tell me!" Harry exclaimed. "No, I don't."

"Don't lie to me. I saw you guys making out on the bench outside of the lunch room," he tried to prove me wrong, but I knew the truth. I shook my head. "No. That's not true. We were just talking," I told him. He pulled away from me, and crossed his arms.

"And what were you talking about?"

"None of your fucking business, now let me go."

"Why are you acting like this?" He asked a question, I had no answer to. "I should ask you the same thing Harold," I replied instead. He pressed the emergency button again, and the elevator started moving again. I was relieved, but I still didn't know why Harry did this to me.

I escaped, but Harry pushed me towards the wall again. "Wha-." I tried to fight again, but he pressed his lips against mine, and tenderly kissed them. Before I could say anything he walked out of the elevator.

What is happening today? What am I going to do? With Niall, with him...

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