Lauren is being beaten up by her mother when she does anything against her rules. In school, her life isn't any different. A biology experiment was coming up and every student in her class will get paired up with someone. They had to move into their partner's flat for a week. She hoped it wouldn't be Harry, her main bully. Well, she wasn't very lucky. Will they get along over this week?
Lauren has always loved singing, but one of her mom's rules stated 'No singing in the house'. One day she gets sick of all the torture at home and at school so she decides to sign up for The X-Factor. Her bad luck brings her to Harry while waiting on line. What is he doing there? Well, later on Harry's being formed in a group. They had to perform together. Not too bad. She slowly started falling for one of the members. Louis Tomlinson. Basically, the only person who was able to make her smile, UNTIL the jealousness of TWO other guys began changing the story ...


16. Ch.16

I noticed that our room has one master bed. Not two of which I felt nervous. "You are kidding me right?"

"Let's check Patricia's, and Harry's room," Louis said and ran out of the room. I began unpacking, and within a minute he came back, breathing heavily. "Louis? Are you okay?" I asked.

"Oh? Oh yeah I am It's just that I think I heard something creepy, so I ran back," He explained. I laughed. "And yeah, their room is the same as ours."

"Oh." I immediately felt bad. Or was I jealous? I hope not, because there should be no reason for me to be. "I can feel it. I feel it," Louis said excitedly.

"Feel what?"

"That we are going to have so much fun together. I can't wait for the rehearsals, I have some songs in mind," Louis said, and threw himself on the bed, causing some of the clothes to fall on the floor. I chuckled, and agreed. I heard a knock on the door. "Yes! Come in."

"Oh hey guys, so are you having fun already?" Niall walked inside. I nodded, and smirked. "Great, so let's go to lunch." Louis jumped up, and went over to Niall.

"How is Liam so far? Is the couple planning on making some babies tonight?" Louis joked, patting Niall on the shoulder.

"Louis I swear." Niall started chasing Louis around the hallway. I decided to make them freak out, by making scary noises. "Wait! Did you hear that?"

"Yes I did. Oh my god your floor is creepy," Niall shivered. I laughed, and they both looked at me. Louis pointed a finger at me as I felt him getting closer. I quickly escaped heading towards lunch.

We entered the lunch room. "Let's sit with Zayn, and Jacob," Niall said. "Um no thank I'll pass," I replied.

"Oh come on. Jacob can't be that bad," Louis said, and gestured for me to join them. I rolled my eyes, and sighed. I prayed that Jacob will stay away from me, but guess I wasn't that lucky.

"Hey Moore, are you having fun without me?" He yelled as I was walking closer to the table. I stopped, and shook my head in disgust. I walked over to Dana, Drew, and Harry. "Hey guys," I said.

"Hey Lauren. Nice to see you," Dana greeted me. I loved it how nice she was. "Hey Harry."

"Lauren," he coldly replied. What is going on with him? He walked away, leaving me with Dana, and Drew which were swallowed into deep discussion. Dana playfully tapped Drew's nose which made me throw up, so I just got up, and threw my lunch away. As I turned around, I saw Harry, and Patricia entering the bathroom. Tears began forming in my eyes, but quickly faded as I felt someone grab my arm. I tilted my head to see Louis, looking at me.

"Are you okay Lauren? Let's get out of here," he whispered in my ear. I nodded, and he lead me outside. We sat on a bench.

"Tell me," he pleaded. I began. "Well, I don't know. Harry doesn't talk to me. He is cold, and It reminds me of-" I paused, not letting myself burst into tears, remembering the bullying.

"Of what Lauren? I want to know. I want you to feel better. Tell me so I can help you get over it."

"Of when Harry used to bully me, and how bad he was. How rough, and mean. I did give him a second chance about 2 months ago, when we had that experiment in school. I had to move to his house, and I felt so bad about it, because he was such an asshole. On the other side, I was relieved because I would be away from my mom for at least a week, and I would take a break from the beating, and arguments, and all the wrist cutting, and-"

"What?!" Louis exclaimed, as he realized what I was telling him. I kept it a secret last time, but I can't keep it anymore. I need to tell somebody, and now Louis is here for me. "Yes Louis. I was treated bad. My life was miserable. I was cutting my self, see?" I showed him my left wrist with the scars. His expression turned to shock. He hugged me, and kissed my forehead.

"Don't ever do it again Lauren. It's different now."

"I know and I'm afraid that everything will turn back around, and Harry will begin treating me bad again. I don't want it. I just want it the way it was when we came here."

"I'll talk to him, and find out what's going on. Okay? Now let's get back in, and don't worry. I'll make you forget it. You'll feel better, I promise," he said. I felt relieved of the words, and I really hope that they come true.

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