Lauren is being beaten up by her mother when she does anything against her rules. In school, her life isn't any different. A biology experiment was coming up and every student in her class will get paired up with someone. They had to move into their partner's flat for a week. She hoped it wouldn't be Harry, her main bully. Well, she wasn't very lucky. Will they get along over this week?
Lauren has always loved singing, but one of her mom's rules stated 'No singing in the house'. One day she gets sick of all the torture at home and at school so she decides to sign up for The X-Factor. Her bad luck brings her to Harry while waiting on line. What is he doing there? Well, later on Harry's being formed in a group. They had to perform together. Not too bad. She slowly started falling for one of the members. Louis Tomlinson. Basically, the only person who was able to make her smile, UNTIL the jealousness of TWO other guys began changing the story ...


13. Ch.13

What is happening? The boys were called by Simon again. AGAIN! I hope that everything's going to be okay.

"Lauren!" Patricia yelled from down the hall. I turned around to face her. "Guess what happened!"

"What?" I got nervous, and could feel the drops of sweat rolling by the sides of my face.

"Marcus is leaving!" she exclaimed. Everything happened so fast that I got light headed. I felt myself shaking in depression. "He states that he didn't come here to be in a band, so he left and now the boys are five," she explained. I calmed down a little bit, realizing that Harry and his mates aren't leaving.

"That's horrible. Another horrible thing is that we won't be able to see them anymore. Just in rehearsals."

"Yeah Ashley is freaking out cause she won't see Niall," Patricia agreed. I giggled at the fact, and she joined, laughing. "Okay catch up with you later," she said and walked away. What should I do now?

I went to look for Harry, but he wasn't anywhere near. I bumped into Louis. "Oh hey Louis. Have you seen Harry, I asked everybody but no one knows," I asked him.

"Relax, he has some things to do now." Louis winked. I wondered what the wink was for, but I just shrugged. "Wanna hang out or something?" I nervously questioned. He nodded and smiled. Oh that smile, I thought.

"Where do you wanna go?"

"How about we go shopping," I suggested. He liked the idea and we headed towards the mall. Neither one of us had cars, so we asked Simon for a car. He of course, gave us the keys and we drove off.

We arrived at the location about ten minutes later. It was huge.

"Oh man, I'm excited." Louis rubbed his hands together, and jumped a little bit. He skipped until he reached the entrance. "Milady," he nicely said and reached his arms pointing at the door. I laughed.

"I ain't any less excited Louis. Trust me." I smirked, and he giggled. We went to some boring stores, and we ended up eating junk food. Me and Louis were sitting at the café not so far away from the mall. It was actually right across the street. I was chewing on a subway sandwich, and Louis was eating his third.

"So tell me about yourself," Louis said with his mouth full. I giggled. "Well, my name is Lauren Moore, I am 17 and I love singing." I told him even though I knew that that wasn't the information he wanted. I can't tell him about my family, about my mother, about Harry. Not yet.

"Wow, really?Oh my god, I had no idea." Louis began being sarcastic. All I did was smile. I can't believe it. I can't believe that I'm still hurt of Harry's bullying. I still remember my mother's beating, and my miserable life before I came here. Before I made up with Harry. The way I called him 'curly git'. The thought immediately faded as I felt Louis' hand rubbing mine.

"Lauren? Are you okay, hun. I'm getting worried," he quietly asked. I nodded and wiped the tear from my cheek. Or at least, I thought it was. My tears were gone. Gone. I had nothing to cry about anymore.

"Yeah don't worry. I'm fine," I assured him. He shook his head. "No you are not! You can tell me."

"Not now," I simply replied. He pulled his hand away, and nodded in agreement.

"Yeah I understand."

"Okay so let's not ruin our good time with that shit. Let's go somewhere else," I changed the subject. His eyes widened. Or brightened, I couldn't tell. They were too beautiful, and take my concentration out the minute I glance into them.

"Beach?" he offered. I nodded and smirked. He took my hand and we crossed the street. I stopped as we reached the sidewalk, and glanced at our hands. Entwined. I pulled away and nervously rubbed the side of my right arm.

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't realize it. Sorry," he apologized. I patted his shoulder. "It's fine really!"

We drove off the mall even though we bought nothing. Well, he bought a pair of jeans which were unneeded in his case. I giggled at the fact.

"What's so funny?" he asked. I instantly stopped smiling, and looked at him. "Oh nothing."


We separated the moment we entered the hotel, so he can take his shorts, and I my swimsuit. We argued for where to meet up later, but we ended up in agreement that we should just look for each other at the beach.

I took a beach towel, and walked out of the hotel in about five minutes. I can proudly say how quick I am for a girl. I reached the beach, and glanced around for Louis. I saw him standing right at the coast. Nobody else was around. I decided to give him a heart attack. It's gonna be hilarious.

I slowly, quietly and patiently walked over to him and the minute I was right behind him, I jumped with all my power on his back. He screamed like a girl which made me laugh so hard. I was still on his back as he was running around like crazy. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs were to the sides of his waist. He stopped for a second, and began walking into the water. "Oh no, no no Louis. Don't! I yelled as he threw me off of his back. I heard him laugh. "Louis!" I pointed a finger at him. He started running. He couldn't really run since we were in water. I began chasing him, but he made the wrong turn and I caught him.

"Leave me alone, bad carrot!" Louis said loudly. I was about to laugh, but before that I instantly came up with a plan. I started fake crying, making him feel guilty.

"Oh Lauren I'm so sorry. I-I didn't mean to. It was a joke. I-" I stopped him from talking by splashing him in the face. I let out a witch laugh which I was really good at. He chuckled, and I ran out of the water. I collapsed in the sand taking a deep breath since I got really tired of all the running.

"That was fun," Louis said as he laid next to me. I nodded and covered my eyes. The sun sure was bright today. But the more bright thing here were Louis' eyes, and his smile.

"Let's go in. The rehearsals probably started already."

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