Lauren is being beaten up by her mother when she does anything against her rules. In school, her life isn't any different. A biology experiment was coming up and every student in her class will get paired up with someone. They had to move into their partner's flat for a week. She hoped it wouldn't be Harry, her main bully. Well, she wasn't very lucky. Will they get along over this week?
Lauren has always loved singing, but one of her mom's rules stated 'No singing in the house'. One day she gets sick of all the torture at home and at school so she decides to sign up for The X-Factor. Her bad luck brings her to Harry while waiting on line. What is he doing there? Well, later on Harry's being formed in a group. They had to perform together. Not too bad. She slowly started falling for one of the members. Louis Tomlinson. Basically, the only person who was able to make her smile, UNTIL the jealousness of TWO other guys began changing the story ...


10. Ch.10

"Where are you going?" Harry asked me as I put on my jacket ready to leave. I mentally slapped myself, 'cause I forgot that I didn't say anything about leaving earlier.

"Oh, I-I um..." I tried to think of an excuse. "... I have detention for not doing my work and I need to be at school earlier," I explained. It was harder than I thought.

"Okay then," he said and opened the door. I walked out, and he did the same since he had to take something from a friend, which I suppose was Peter. He got in the car and waved for goodbye. "Bye," I yelled and turned to my direction.


I stood in front of the building staring at the huge X- Factor sign hanging at the top.

"That's it," I said quietly to myself. I glanced around to see different girls and boys around my age walking in with their brochures in hand.

"Are you auditioning?" someone with thick Irish accent asked. I got scared since he was so close to my ear. I turned around and saw a real handsome guy who looked exactly my age, with blond hair, but I noticed immediately that it was dyed. He had blue eyes and his lips were pink.

"I-I am actually," I answered nervously. He chuckled. "Come on. Let's get in if you don't want to be the last one," he said and pulled my arm towards the front door. We walked in together and all you see were a bunch of teenagers pushing each other. Some of them were in line and others were waiting to audition. It was hot. And not only cause of the crowd, but cause of nerves and all these cute guys around.

"Let's get in line." The guy seemed pretty confident. Like he has done it before. "Have you auditioned before?" I dared to ask.

"Nope," he simply answered me. I nodded and turned my body facing the front of the line. I realized that the line was full of boys. I skimmed through each one of them to see if I know anyone. I wasn't lucky though, but one caught my attention. Curls, selfish smirk, black jeans...

"Harry!" I almost yelled. He turned around and his expression turned to shock.

"What? What are you doing here?"

"I am auditioning. What are you doing here?" I asked him back. I didn't know he had any talents except flirting with girls, and all of them being his.

"Same. I can't- I-I can't believe it," he exclaimed. I slightly giggled as he held his head with his hands, his expression still shocked. I wasn't any less surprised.


"So, did you take your thing from your friend?" I asked Harry sarcastically. He giggled.

"Yes I did, and how was detention?" He decided to play along.

"Pretty good actually. I saw some cute boys." I smirked proudly. He chuckled and patted me on the shoulder for some unknown reason to me. I turned around and saw that I was next. I gave the women my brochure and the paper I filled out earlier.  She smiled and gave me the number.

"Good luck," she said nicely. I thanked her and walked away. I waited for Harry so we can sit somewhere together.


I can't believe it. Everyone who went before me was amazing and I don't think that I'll pass at  all. So many people audition and all of them are really good. It's a challenge.

"In 15 seconds," a man told me and walked away immediately. I took a deep breath and tried to relax.

"Good luck, hun." Harry hugged me and sat back on his seat as I walked on stage.

"Hello," I spoke to the judges who were smiling at me.

"Hi. What is your name dear?" Cher asked.

"Lauren Moore," I answered.

"Beautiful name. So what are you performing for us today?" Simon turned to me. I felt a knot forming in my stomach, knowing that I had to be ready now.

"Impossible by Shontelle,"

"Good. The stage is yours," he smiled and the lights turned off. The melody began and the lights turned back on. I glared at the audience while I was singing. The judges as well.

After the performance I walked back to the middle of the stage waiting for what the judges had to say.

"Wow man! That was amazing!" Demi exclaimed. I blushed and thanked her.

"I've got no words to describe how much I liked it," Simon simply said and gave me a smile. The rest of the judges said pretty  much the same and it was time to see if I pass or not.



"Biggest yes in the world," Cher raised her arms and said.

"Oh yeah baby," Demi joked.

"Lauren. You've got four yesses so you're through," Simon said as everyone in the audience began whistling, screaming and clapping. I thanked everyone and left. That was incredible. I can't believe it.

"Oh my god. That's amazing," Harry said and slightly hugged me. I was still shaking. The experience was just ... no words...


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