EarthFall: The Orion

*WARNING: Blood & Gore will be prominent throughout the remainder of this novel.*

Earth has been ruined, humanity torn apart, and an undying creature now roams freely through the desolate lands where many great cities once stood. Many have escaped to the colonies of the Red Planet, but those who were not fortunate enough now live on a dying Earth. Both factions are now at war fighting for control, and for freedom. The United Earth Rebellion works tirelessly to claim rightful ownership of Earth and to restore its once former beauty and nature, though the Colonists, who had once fled because of an awoken terror, now want to return to their home, and resume control of the Rebellion and it's people. Nearing a month spent on Earth, Almaric of Orion, born on Mars, now has a task at hand. To kill the leader of the Rebellion and lead victory for the Colonists. His allegiances begin to waver, once he has a taste of life among the Rebels and those he once hated.


1. Prologue

            Looking down the sights, he focused directly on the center of that rotting corpse. It wasn’t a moving target at least, but after one shot, he knew there would be many things moving for him. He sat up, and looked around; it was funny how this one was just wandering by itself, kind of like a loner. Then again, these…animals, if given any classification, were just that, animals, unpredictable and equally as dangerous. He lay back down, holding the grip firmly as he once again looked down the sights, preparing his body for the wave of force about to push back. His index finger lightly began to squeeze over the trigger as he took a deep breath in with the stock pressed against his shoulder. Finally he firmly squeezed, awaiting the impact of the kickback, nothing how the other end would feel for his target, but he knew that the bastard wouldn’t feel a thing. It didn’t even matter if it did. The kick pitched him back like a metronome as a resounding crack was produced by the shot. Focusing back on his target, lying on the ground now, he knew that the other effect of his gunshot would follow. And as if on cue, an eerie howling sounded through the air from the north, the stars were beginning to shine through the twilight sky. He now knew east and west were safe destinations, though the nearest encampment, judging by the lights, seemed to be towards the east.


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