When Austin Tomlinson Crashes

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  • Published: 25 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 4 Nov 2013
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When Austin Tominson Crashes; Louis Tomlinson's parents Johanna and Troy divorced when he was only four months old. Twelve years later, Louis decides to look for his biological father and when he finally meets his father, they're reunited. Six years later Louis meets Kim in his senior year. Kim is a junior and she had just moved into town with her mother while her father was still working out of town. Louis and Kim began to date and with graduation coming up, he wants to ask Kim to marry him, but what happens when he meets Kim's father at the family reunion? Read on and see what happens.


29. Winter Formal

Louis: *rings the doorbell* 

Christine: I got it. *opens the door* Well hello Louis. *smiles* 

Louis: *smiles* Hi Mrs. Austin, is Kim ready? 

Christine: Yes, she is, honey! 

Kim: *walks down the stairs* 

Louis: *amazed* Wow. 

Kim: *smiles*  

Louis: You are the most beautiful girl I ever laid my eyes on. 

Kim: *chuckles* Thank you and you are the most handsome guy on this planet. *smiles* 

Christine: Let's take a picture. 

Kim: *stands next to Louis* 

Louis: *smiles* 

Christine: Wow, you two look very alike. *chuckles* 

Kim: *fakes a chuckle turning away* 

Louis: Exactly what my mom said too, but no, we're not siblings, or cousins are we? 

Christine: No, I don't believe so. 

Louis: Good. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Should we go now? 

Louis: Yes, we should. 

Kim: Alright. 

Louis: *arrives at the dance with kim hand in hand* 

Hilary: You made it. 

Kim: Yeah. *chuckles* We were stuck in traffic for a bit, but we're here now. *smiles* 

Hilary: You look really flawless in that dress, I'm so glad you bought it. 

Kim: And you look perfect in that dress Hil. 

Hilary: Aw, thanks Kim. 

Louis: Should we head to the dance floor? 

Kim: Yeah.  

Louis: *slow dance with kim* 

Liam: *watches from afar* 

Hilary: Hi. 

Liam: *smiles softly* Hi. 

Hilary: I see you glancing at my friend and her boyfriend. 

Liam: Oh, Kim? She's just a friend. *smiles* 

Hilary: According to the school, no. You are trying to take her from Louis and please stop it. 

Liam: I beg your pardon? 

Hilary: You heard me clearly. *walks off* 

Liam: Rude. 

Louis: I love you. 

Kim: *puts her head on louis's chest* I love you too.  

Louis: *restes his head on kims head* 

(Music Stops) 

Louis: Let's go get a drink. 

Kim: Ok. *walks hand in hand with Louis* 

Hilary: Did anyone ever told you that you and Louis look alike? 

Kim: Yeah our moms have. Don't worry, we're not related by anything. 

Hilary: I just noticed now when you two were walking over here. 

Kim: Yeah, I get it, thanks for telling me. *walks to Louis*  

Louis: *gives kim a drink* 

Kim: *takes the cup and takes a sip* 

Liam: Hi Kim. 

Kim: *annoyed* Hey. 

Liam: Louis, I let you dance with Kim once, can I have the next dance with her? 

Louis: *looks at kim/fakes a smile* You did didn't you? You know what, yeah, sure. You can have one dance with her, but she must be back here when the songs over. 

Liam: Deal. *takes kim by the hand* 

Kim: *moves her hand* I can walk myself. 

Liam: Ok. 

Kim: *slow dances with liam* 

Liam: I want to apologize for everything I caused. 

Kim: *looks at liam* What made you want to apologize all of a sudden. 

Liam: I finally came to conclusion that I'll never get you, so... 

Kim: Oh, so the brain took over right? 

Liam: I didn't want to listen to it, but I had no choice. 

Kim: Well that's good that you thought that because there will never be a me and you. 

Liam: Ouch. 

Kim: Just the truth. 

Liam: Right. *looks away to Louis* 

Louis: *staring at liam and kim* 

Zayn: Hey. 

Liam: Oh, you made it. 

Zayn: Yeah, had trouble finding parking. 

Louis: Same here, except I was in traffic. 

Zayn: Where's Kim? 

Louis: Dancing with Liam. 

Zayn: What? 

Louis: Well I didn't want to, but he said he let me dance with Kim once, I should let him in return also. 

Zayn: So you did? 

Louis: Yeah. 

Zayn: Louis, he's only trying to steal Kim from you. 

Louis: Zayn you act like I don't know that. 

Zayn: I do. 

Kim: *walks to Louis* Hey you're here. *smiles* 

Zayn: Hey Kim. 

Kim: I thought you wouldn't... 

Zayn: Come? It's my senior year, I'll go to any event I can get to go to. 

Kim: Of course, I mean, duh. *fakes a chuckle* 

Liam: Louis, thank you for letting me have a dance with her, I'm gonna get going now. 

Louis: Why leaving already? 

Liam: I don't see why I should stay when I don't even have a date. 

Louis: Ok, take care. 

Liam: *smiles and leaves* 

Louis: Well everyone else is leaving, did you want to go to? 

Kim: Yeah, we can go too. Zayn? 

Zayn: Yeah, I'll leave in a bit. 

Kim: Alright. *leaves with Louis*

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