When Austin Tomlinson Crashes

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  • Published: 25 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 4 Nov 2013
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When Austin Tominson Crashes; Louis Tomlinson's parents Johanna and Troy divorced when he was only four months old. Twelve years later, Louis decides to look for his biological father and when he finally meets his father, they're reunited. Six years later Louis meets Kim in his senior year. Kim is a junior and she had just moved into town with her mother while her father was still working out of town. Louis and Kim began to date and with graduation coming up, he wants to ask Kim to marry him, but what happens when he meets Kim's father at the family reunion? Read on and see what happens.


2. Twelves Years Later

(Twelve Years Later) 

Social Worker 1: So you're looking for your father? 

Louis: Yes. 

Social Worker 1: Well, I will look it up and I'll give you a call. 

Louis: Can you look for it now please. I been looking for my father for ages now. 

Social Worker 1: *sighs and then gets on the computer* 

Louis: Thank you. 

Social Worker 1: Ok, so your father is Troy Austin, he resides in San Diego right now. 

Louis: Really? Can, can I get his address? 

Social Worker 1: Well I need your mother's approval. 

Louis: You don't understand, she's the one that sent me here. 

Social Worker 1: 1352 Jepson Ave. San Diego, California 92101. 

Louis: Thank you so much! Wait, can I write it down? 

Social Worker 1: *gives Louis a printout* 

Troy: *opens the door* Hi? Can I help you? 

Louis: *smiles softly* Hi. 

Troy: Can I help you? 

Louis: Troy Austin? 

Troy: Yes, that's me. 

Louis: *chuckles* Wow, it really is you. *calls Johanna* 

Johanna: Hello. 

Louis: Mom, you won't believe it, I found him. 

Johanna: Who, your father? 

Louis: Yeah, I found him. 

Johanna: *shocked* Louis, come home. 

Louis: No, afterwards. I have to go. *hangs up* 

Johanna: Don't... 

Louis: *smiles happy at troy* 

Troy: This is very weird, I'm gonna have to ask you to... 

Louis: Dad. 

Troy: *chuckles* Excuse me? 

Louis: It's me, your son. Louis. 

Troy: Louis? *shocked* How'd you? *hugs Louis* 

Louis: *smiles and hugs troy* 

Troy: Come in, how have you been son? 

Louis: My life is now complete. I can't believe I finally found you after all these years. 

Troy: How'd you find me? 

Louis: Social Worker. 

Troy: Wow,  

Louis: *cries from happiness* I'm so happy to be sitting right across from you. 

Troy: Son, I'm glad to see you too. *smiles softly* Where's your mother? How'd you get here? 

Louis: The bus, I took a bus and kind of went behind my mother's back. 

Troy: Why? 

Louis: She wouldn't let me find you, she said you were a horrible person that's why you left me and her, but I see you now and I think you look like the best and coolest dad ever. 

Troy: *chuckles* Thank you son. 

Louis: I'm excited to be here. 

Troy: Yeah, I'm glad you're here. You can stay the night here with me. 

Louis: Mom said you have a family, where are they? 

Troy: They're visiting their grandparents in Phoenix right now. 

Louis: Oh, glad you didn't go because I wouldn't know where to go. *laughs* 

Troy: I'm glad you're here and I'm glad you found me. *smiles* 

Louis: Me too dad, me too. *smiles sad*

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