When Austin Tomlinson Crashes

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  • Published: 25 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 4 Nov 2013
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When Austin Tominson Crashes; Louis Tomlinson's parents Johanna and Troy divorced when he was only four months old. Twelve years later, Louis decides to look for his biological father and when he finally meets his father, they're reunited. Six years later Louis meets Kim in his senior year. Kim is a junior and she had just moved into town with her mother while her father was still working out of town. Louis and Kim began to date and with graduation coming up, he wants to ask Kim to marry him, but what happens when he meets Kim's father at the family reunion? Read on and see what happens.


31. Marriage Talk 2

MC: Boys and girls, prom is coming up quick, hurry up and get your bids. *cont. talking* 

Hilary: Are you going to prom? 

Kim: I don't know, Louis hasn't asked yet. 

Hilary: It's crazy how the school year is ending already, we just got done with formal and prom is already coming. 

Kim: I know right. *opens her locker* It's crazy. 

Hilary: Are you gonna miss Louis when he goes off to college? 

Kim: I'll still see him, but yes I'll miss seeing him here at school because this is where it all began. *smiles big* 

Hilary: Aw, your love is like a fairytale Kim. I'm really happy for you and Louis. I want to be invited if you two ever get marry. 

Kim: Oh trust me, you'll be invited. 

Hilary: *chuckles* Aw, yay. *hugs kim* 

Louis: What are we so excited about? You're not pregnant right? 

Kim: What? *chuckles* No, I'm not, it's just a girl thing. 

Louis: You're on your peri... 

Kim: No not that girl thing. 

Hilary: Something to excite over with. *smiles* 

Louis: I want to know. 

Kim: *looks at Hilary and chuckles* 

Hilary: Well we were excited that if you two get married it would be the cutest thing ever.  

Louis: Oh? *looks at kim and smiles* Speaking of that, I need to talk to your mother. 

Kim: About what? *chuckles* 

Louis: Just something alone in private. 

Kim: What, you're dating my mother too. 

Louis: What? *chuckles* No. 

Kim: I was kidding, but yeah, when do you want to talk to her? 

Louis: Sometime before I graduate. 

Kim: Ok, how about next month? 

Louis: That's the month of graduation. 

Kim: I know, but ok next week? 

Louis: I'll just call her. 

Kim: Ok. 

Louis: *smiles*  

Kim: So today on the announcement, they were talking about prom. 

Louis: Oh, I'm not going to prom, I'm sorry. 

Kim: *makes a face* Oh? I wasn't planning on going neither. *fakes a chuckle* 

Louis: Why did you want to go? 

Kim: No, not really. 

Louis: Me neither. *smiles* 

(Bell Rings) 

Louis: Oh, that's the bell, we should get going to our next class now. 

Kim: *kisses Louis* I'll see you at lunch. 

Louis: You too, love you. 

Kim: Love you too. *smiles and walks to class* 

Louis: *walks to his class* 

Christine: Hello. 

Louis: Hi Mrs. Austin, it's Louis, um, is there a way I can meet you and talk to you alone? 

Christine: Yeah, sure what day? 

Louis: Are you busy right now? 

Christine: Yeah, I can meet you right now, Liam's here for the week, so Kim can stay with him. 

Louis: Oh? Um, yeah, that's fine, my mom will be in the conversation too, so meet at my place? 

Christine: Sure, I'll be there in a bit. 

Louis: Ok, thank you. 

Christine: No problem, bye. *hangs up* Kim, I'm going to Louis's I'll be home in a bit. 

Kim: What are you two gonna be talking about? 

Christine: I don't know, but his mom is involved too. 

Kim: *concerned* How come I can't go? 

Christine: You have to stay with Liam. 

Kim: He's not a child mom. 

Christine: Still, he is a guest. 

Kim: He only lives across the street! 

Christine: Enough Kimberly! 

Kim: *sighs* Fine, tell me when you get home. *crosses her arms* 

Christine: I'll be home in an hour or so. *leaves*

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