When Austin Tomlinson Crashes

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  • Published: 25 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 4 Nov 2013
  • Status: Complete
When Austin Tominson Crashes; Louis Tomlinson's parents Johanna and Troy divorced when he was only four months old. Twelve years later, Louis decides to look for his biological father and when he finally meets his father, they're reunited. Six years later Louis meets Kim in his senior year. Kim is a junior and she had just moved into town with her mother while her father was still working out of town. Louis and Kim began to date and with graduation coming up, he wants to ask Kim to marry him, but what happens when he meets Kim's father at the family reunion? Read on and see what happens.


1. Intro

Johanna: *holding Louis* Where are you going?
Troy: I'm leaving Johanna.
Johanna: You can't leave, we have a son.
Troy: I'm sorry, but, it's best if I leave.
Johanna: *puts Louis in the crib* Why? What happened?
Troy: Goodbye Johanna. *looks at Louis and leaves*
Johanna: *confused*

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