Larry Stylinson

I Louis Tomlinson never what have thought i would fall head over heels for my best friend harty styles, but... I did.

*note please read*
This aint honna be a fanfic where they start dating away fck no and its not gonna be all rainbows and ponies just saying


1. Its gonna be a long day

"GET UP OFF YOUR LAZY ARSE" I hear my sister scream at me, i groan   Wait I should probably tell you, im Louis Tomlinson yes 'the louis the tommo tomlinson' of obe direction and my sister well shes 17 and her names talia she lives with me and the boys because both of our parents died 3 years ago in a plane crash   "LOUIS DONT MAKE ME COME IN THERE" Talia screams ,i just stuff my head in my pillow "ugh your so annoying" i say, whoops bad idea before i knew it Talia was in my room chucking books at me "YOUR" *chuck* "SO" *chuck* "LAZY" *chuck* i stop her by geting up and pushing her out of the room "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON" i hear harry call from downstaires "I WAS MAKING MY CUPCAKE GET UP" Talia yells back, yeah my sister calls me cupcake    ~Flashback~ It was my 10th birthday and Talia was 8 "Time for cupcakes" my mom said as she brought the perfectly frosted cupcakes out, i reached for one but i knocked the whole stand onto me, i was covered head to toe in icing as my sister grabbed my ipod and put a picture of it on my instagram so all my friends could see, i was nicknamed cupcake by my sister and she hasn't forgotten it to this day   ~end~ I run my fingers through my hair 'well i better take a shower i have a long day ahead of me     HEL-O MY JELLO NUGGETS A FEW THINGS: 1. If you don't support gays don't read this 2. Please no hate 3. Guys this wont be a fanfic where hazza and louis start dating imeditly i will torture you guys with this book mwahaha 4. Vote comment do that stuff   UNTILL NEXT TIME JELOO NUGGETS
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